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Received  an e-mail last week from Michael about finding his wedding band that had been lost 2 summers ago. Michael had lost his ring while throwing a baseball out in the front yard. The ring must have come off his finger when he took his glove off and only noticed it missing while washing his hands. He visually looked in the yard and several days later rented a metal detector with still no success. I started searching 2 areas where the ring could have been lost and after eliminating the garden area, I moved to the front yard and by this time the cold rain started making the search a nasty mess while I dug several targets that could be the ring.  I searched for 2 1/2 hours with no success but finally went outside the search area and found his ring  sitting on the surface just waiting to be found. Michael was blown away by the location and that it was actually found. Thank you Michael for the generous reward and the coffee that your mom made for me. I like meeting good people and sharing in finding that lost item for them that means so much to them.  Michaels 5mm ring vdi # was 38

ring location

ring location

A very happy man

A very happy man

My equipment= Whites spectra v3i (metal detector) , predator digger, deteknix x pointer (pinpointer)


  1. Chris Turner says:

    Way to think out of the box Jason…If it’s not where people think it is, it will always be where you find it…

    1. Jason Bontrager says:

      Yes Sir!!

      1. Virginia Miller Dillard says:

        We can’t thank you enough Jason! What a cold and rainy day to search, but you stuck with it and were successful!! Please see our story on my Facebook page. Virginia Miller Dillard

  2. Jason Bontrager says:

    Virginia Thank you for the kind words and also for commenting. I am thankful for good people like yourself and the hot coffee on such a wet cold day. Let me know if I can ever help out again.

  3. Michael Dillard says:

    Jason- Thanks again for coming out in the cold nasty weather to find my ring. I will forever be gratefull to you! I was skeptical about you being able to find it, especially when you did not find it where I thought that it was. I was even more bummed when you had searched almost the entire front yard and still did not find it. But you were persistent and continued searching, it was that last little effort that made all the difference! I really can’t thank you enough. -Michael

    1. Jason Bontrager says:

      Michael you’r so welcome! I always try to bring a smile to peoples faces and reunite them with that lost item that they think wont ever be found. Let me know when I can find your moms lost ring. -Jason

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