Guru Gold Ring Found (Greer SC)

  • from Greenville County (South Carolina, United States)

Several days ago I received a call asking if I still find lost rings for people. Of course I said YES!!

Sunil was visiting family when he lost his ring while playing with his dog. The dog’s toy had been thrown multiple times when all of a sudden Sunil felt the ring come off his finger on his last throw. Knowing it should be easy to find he started looking in the dormant grass which was tan in color, almost like the gold ring. After spending time looking in the area he realized he needed help. Sunil did an internet search and found website and found me in the directory.  I met Sunil this morning and searched the area that he thought the ring was in, but didn’t find the ring there. So I needed to broaden the search area. This time I searched outside the fence and in about 2 minutes my detector scored that sweet sound of gold. I brought Sunil over and showed him where the ring had landed. He was surprised it had landed behind him. I have found that rings are rarely where people think they are. I was happy to have another successful ring search!

Thanks for the reward, Sunil!

Very happy to get his ring back

Very happy to get his ring back


Gold ring. My first guru stone

Gold ring. My first guru stone

In my search today I used my whites v3i.  The ring vdi number reading was 19

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  1. Chris Turner says:

    Way to go on your recovery Jason! It sure pays off to expand your grid search area and exhaust all possibilities before giving up…Best, Chris Turner

    1. jason bontrager says:

      Thanks. I really like these kinds of searches and it’s always fun to see a great smile.

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