White gold wedding band recovered from backyard in Travelers Rest South Carolina. (Greenville SC)

  • from Greenville County (South Carolina, United States)
it just couldn't hide

it just couldn’t hide

IMG_2921I received a text from Johnsie, a family friend of my wife and I, asking if I would be willing to search for her son’s wedding band that had been lost three weeks prior. After setting up a time to search, I found out the general info on how the ring was lost. Johnsie’s son was playing ball in the backyard with his 4 year-old, tossing the ball back-and-forth. So, the ring could’ve been lost anywhere in the backyard. After setting up my cones and starting my grid search, I was fortunate on my second pass using my White’s V3i, I received a VDI reading number of 22, at zero inches. I bent down and using my garrett pro-pointer to sweep the area I found the ring on the surface of the ground but under the grass where no one could see with the naked eye. The ring was recovered in about 10 min. I know the ring meant a lot to her son because he had borrowed a friends metal detector to search for his ring but with no luck. I believe in some cases many are overwhelmed with setting up and signals they receive using a metal detector. That’s when you need someone like a ringfinder to search for you. If you have any questions go to www.theringfinders.com