I lost my wedding ring today!!!! Can you please help me? Greer SC

  • from Greenville County (South Carolina, United States)

Today I received a phone call from Jerry who told me he had lost his gold wedding band working in his yard. He went onto tell me that it was an emergency and he would like me to come out and search for his ring that he had worn for the past 20 years. I met Jerry at his home and searched the areas in question and within 10 min Jerry was wearing his ring once again. He told me that he felt like his illness had left him when I found his ring. I have met many great people in providing this service. Rings mean different things to many people, some cry, smile, and some hug the stuffings out of you.  I searched today with my whites V3I metal detector and the yellow gold ring vdi display read 28. I really love this hobby and helping people. If you have lost your ring or something that is of importance in your life (Providing its metal) please let us help you. Check out wwwTheRingFinders.com for someone in your area.

jerry's ring

jerry’s ring


One happy man

One happy man

2 Replies to “I lost my wedding ring today!!!! Can you please help me? Greer SC”

  1. Good find… Keep up the good work…

  2. Phil Voice says:

    Hi Chris

    I found your site after curiously doing a search to see if anyone had bought a metal detector just to find a ring they had lost (just as I did because my daughter had lost my wife’s ring).

    It looks like you’ve made a career out of finding lost rings and I’ve now just lost half an hour reading your fascinating stories:-))

    Here’s my wife’s lost ring: http://metaldetectingclub.net/Member-photos/sapphire-gold-ring-metal-detecting-finds

    Kind regards


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