Gold rings lost along roadside Campobello South Carolina

  • from Greenville County (South Carolina, United States)
Cool old general store.

Cool old general store.

Today I received a call from Buddy about two white gold rings lost alongside an old roadside store. Buddy told me he had searched for the rings several hours with a metal detector that a friend let him use. He was able to recover a 3rd ring that was also lost when the others where lost. I met Buddy and he showed me the location where the search would take place, an old country store that has been shut down for the last 30 years. I knew when I started searching this was going to be a tough one. The grass was really tall and the amount of junk was at its highest I have seen. The amount of signals seem to be overwhelming but with some tweaking I was able to grid off the area. I searched for 4 hours but did not find the rings. I hated to give up but darkness started closing in and by the time I left it was also raining. I told Buddy I haven’t given up I’ll have to wait for another day to search. I don’t have a 100% find rate like some claim because I’m willing to search what ever the chances of the item being found.

6 Replies to “Gold rings lost along roadside Campobello South Carolina”

  1. Fitzy says:

    Keep goin Brotha! (that’s my Boston accent…so read brother) Great that you’re out there tryin. You’ll find it. You may have to clear some trash first but you’ll get ’em.

    1. jason bontrager says:

      Clearing the trash is my next step and a smaller coil.

  2. All really dedicated searchers would do the same, that is, go back again (and again if necessary). It’s great that you continue to search especially under such difficult circumstances. I wish you good luck and best wishes.

    1. jason bontrager says:

      Thanks! I will try again soon wait for update and a happy smile.

  3. Mark Rubey says:

    Way to keep at it. Taking on the tough cases is what it’s all about!

  4. Bill Jones says:

    That’s it Keep on diggin’ it’s got to be there and with your Persistance you are bound to recover the rings for them. Then maybe you’ll get a chance to search around the old store and find an old cache.

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