Found White Gold Wedding Ring At The Greenville Mudrun

from Greenville County (South Carolina, United States)
Contact: 1-864-905-0297





I received a phone call from Tim who had lost his white gold wedding ring in the Greenville Mud Run that Goodwill sponsors. Tim had lost his wedding band while battling through the three foot mud pit, that was part of the obstacle course. After setting up a time to meet, I met Tim and his wife at the designated area where it was located. After asking permission from the guards and waiting a few minutes, we were granted permission. After putting on my waders and using my Whites PI Pro metal detector, I walked into the mud pit. The first two signals were nails, the third signal was Tim’s white gold wedding band in the bottom of my scoop.  Tim put me in a good area and it made for a quick search. I was so happy to find Tim’s ring for him and his wife. I really love the expression on people’s faces when the ring is found. Maybe you can be my next success story!


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  1. Tim & Haley Wolfe says:

    Jason is an absolute life saver! After Haley’s engagement ring was stolen just a month before, we were devastated to lose my wedding band as well. Not only did Jason drop everything he was doing to meet us out at the mud pit on short notice, but he was also able to find this precious possession of ours–and fast. It’s apparent that Jason is a skilled professional when it comes to metal detecting, and without his assistance, we never would’ve found my ring buried in the bottom of the mud pit.

    Jason and his wife were a pleasure to work with and to meet. Jason had no qualms or complaints when it came to wading through three feet of murky, muddy water to retrieve the ring. We are so grateful for his assistance and would highly recommend him to anyone who has lost a ring or a piece of jewelry. Thank you again, Jason! And next time I’ll be sure to take my ring off before running a mud-filled obstacle course!

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