Found lost ring at the “Oceans Edge”

  • from Brewster (Massachusetts, United States)

I received a call saturday from the the front desk of the “Oceans Edge” Resort in Brewster Ma. The concer reported that a woman had lost three rings on the beach! She had lost her engagement, wedding and husbands wedding ring while throwing a ball. I was unable to go at that time because my son was about to graduate from high school. I promised I would be there in the morning. When I arrived I was informed they had found two of the rings but not the wedding ring. She told me the ring was silver and worth only about $40 but worth more for sentimental being her wedding ring. She knew about where she had lost it and I started looking  after my sixth pass I had found it!! She was so happy and I was glad to see her smile.  She said she would write a review for me so I can post it, still waiting on it!



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