Lost Ring, Richmond, Virginia

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I started metal detecting when I was 12. My first detector was a Radio Shack model from the early 80’s that I found at a yard sale. That $2 purchase kept me busy during my childhood finding civil war bullets, lost keys, and various parts/tools my Grandfather would drop around the farm.

Fast forward a few decades, and I am still at it! Keys, bracelets, rings, necklaces, coins (And still the occasional bullet or 3000)- It is always a thrill to find something for someone.

I travel all over Central Va for my job, so whether you are in Richmond, Fredericksburg, Charlottesville, Wiliamsburg, Farmville, or on the Northern Neck- I can help!

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  1. WELCOME to the Ring Finders! I have been on the RF network since 2010 and was the first and only RF in the state of Michigan. You will find our Job (hobby) is the most rewarding ever. A monetary reward is nothing compared to getting a picture for your Book of Smiles. A few hints for you: Make yourself available at a moments notice. (many people who have lost an item are out of towners and cannot wait around for a long time), Ask a lot of questions before the search begins (finding an item takes a lot of detective work), “Losers are Liars” (not literally and they don’t mean to but they don’t always know or remember where they lost an item), Think outside the box if they say they lost it on the right side of the water volleyball court also check the left side (I have had 2 finds where this has happened), Have business cards made and when you meet the people who have a loss, shake their hand and hand them your card. (trust and identification is important and they have your business card for future reference), feel free to call any of the RF for help and information including Chris Turner) Best wishes to you.

    1. Jamie M says:

      Thanks for the input! I am having business cards made today, as well as a few of the rack cards for our beach areas on the James River.

  2. Are you on Facebook? If not create a profile and use it for the Ring Finders

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