Tiffany earring found ... baton rouge Louisiana

  • from Baton Rouge (Louisiana, United States)

I got a call the other day from Mr. Nick who’s wife had lost an earring in their neighbors backyard over the weekend. My son and I grabbed our gear and headed over that afternoon. Mr. Nick had found the back to the earring by searching on his hands and knees throughout the yard so we had a general area to begin the search but were unsure how long the earring might have hung on after the back had fallen off before falling out of her ear.

We tested our detectors out on the other earring to verify what type of signal we were looking for and went to work. After crisscrossing the area for quite a while and retesting on the earring that wasn’t lost to refresh ourselves on what tone we were listening for my son got a hit and there it was, the lost earring.

We were super glad to be able to return it. The junior ring finder worked his magic again.

Tiffany earring