Lost ring Livingston, Louisiana.... found

  • from Baton Rouge (Louisiana, United States)

This ring was lost for 6 months.

I got a call the other day to help find Mr. Bobby’s white gold wedding band. He had gotten his truck stuck in his backyard due to recent heavy rains around six months ago and while trying to connect rigging to pull it out his ring somehow slid off his finger.

Months past and he had fixed the ruts in the yard and mowed the lawn all while thinking of his missing ring. Mr. Bobby and his wife had eventually acquired a cheap hobby detector and were attempting to locate the missing wedding band when they found out about the ring finders and gave me a call.

My son Braden and I loaded up our gear and headed out to help. I bring him along on many of my ring finding calls, I call him my good luck charm or junior ring finder.

You could still clearly see where the ruts from the tires had been filled in and the grass had not fully grown in and thats where our search began. We soon discovered that the area was rich with targets and were told that long before this was a backyard it had been a horse pasture. This is when my son grabbed his detector and we split up to cover more ground. We knew that the potential was there for the ring to be deep given that the holes had been filled in and given that the lawn had been mowed we worried that it could have been thrown from the area.

After digging several scraps of aluminum cans buried from days gone by, my son exclaimed with excitement “I think I found it” and he in fact had found it ! The excitement he had for being able to find it was paled in comparison to Mr. Bobby’s joy that it had been recovered. This made Braden even more happy and on the way home as he recounted the events to me, the thing that stuck out most to me was how happy helping someone made him. Thats why we do this and I’m happy to pass that on to my son.


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  1. Jackie Alford says:

    Great job you two! Really proud of you both!!

  2. gregg edward LARABEL says:

    good job

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