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Tiffany earring found … baton rouge Louisiana

from Baton Rouge (Louisiana, United States)
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I got a call the other day from Mr. Nick who’s wife had lost an earring in their neighbors backyard over the weekend. My son and I grabbed our gear and headed over that afternoon. Mr. Nick had found the back to the earring by searching on his hands and knees throughout the yard so we had a general area to begin the search but were unsure how long the earring might have hung on after the back had fallen off before falling out of her ear.

We tested our detectors out on the other earring to verify what type of signal we were looking for and went to work. After crisscrossing the area for quite a while and retesting on the earring that wasn’t lost to refresh ourselves on what tone we were listening for my son got a hit and there it was, the lost earring.

We were super glad to be able to return it. The junior ring finder worked his magic again.

Tiffany earring

Lost ring Livingston, Louisiana…. found

from Baton Rouge (Louisiana, United States)
Contact: 1-225-328-5300

This ring was lost for 6 months.

I got a call the other day to help find Mr. Bobby’s white gold wedding band. He had gotten his truck stuck in his backyard due to recent heavy rains around six months ago and while trying to connect rigging to pull it out his ring somehow slid off his finger.

Months past and he had fixed the ruts in the yard and mowed the lawn all while thinking of his missing ring. Mr. Bobby and his wife had eventually acquired a cheap hobby detector and were attempting to locate the missing wedding band when they found out about the ring finders and gave me a call.

My son Braden and I loaded up our gear and headed out to help. I bring him along on many of my ring finding calls, I call him my good luck charm or junior ring finder.

You could still clearly see where the ruts from the tires had been filled in and the grass had not fully grown in and thats where our search began. We soon discovered that the area was rich with targets and were told that long before this was a backyard it had been a horse pasture. This is when my son grabbed his detector and we split up to cover more ground. We knew that the potential was there for the ring to be deep given that the holes had been filled in and given that the lawn had been mowed we worried that it could have been thrown from the area.

After digging several scraps of aluminum cans buried from days gone by, my son exclaimed with excitement “I think I found it” and he in fact had found it ! The excitement he had for being able to find it was paled in comparison to Mr. Bobby’s joy that it had been recovered. This made Braden even more happy and on the way home as he recounted the events to me, the thing that stuck out most to me was how happy helping someone made him. Thats why we do this and I’m happy to pass that on to my son.


Lost rings … Louisiana and Mississippi … found

from Baton Rouge (Louisiana, United States)
Contact: 1-225-328-5300

I’m behind on making new posts but the calls for lost rings are still coming in and the rings are still being found. I thought I’d post a little update and a couple of the ones I got pictures of. I found a ring near Baton Rouge the other day that was in a fire, unfortunately I didn’t snap a picture of it because it was getting dark. The fellow had been doing yard work and burning limbs and it slipped off his finger (he wasn’t sure where) and I found it in the ashes. It survived the fire !! The ring was his fathers and had great sentimental value.

There was also a diamond engagement ring in Mississippi in a swimming area. After around 30 minutes of searching it was found in shallow water in a creek. I’ll post a picture of it.

Another one that comes to mind was found on a soccer field. It was a men’s wedding ring with an inscription inside the band. He had thrown a ball and it slipped off. I was able to find it in around an hour. I’ll post a picture of it as well.

There have been countless others since my last post (I’m horrible at getting posts made) but will try to do better.

Lost ring Springfield, La …. found

from Baton Rouge (Louisiana, United States)
Contact: 1-225-328-5300

I received a text from Sal on a Tuesday afternoon asking for help with finding his girlfriend’s lost ring (ironically I was metal detecting at the time). He said the ring was lost around two months ago and he’d gotten a cheap metal detector and made some attempts to locate it with no luck. He lived in Springfield, Louisiana which is about 30 miles east of Baton Rouge and a nightmare to get to with traffic, but within a few days I had found time to get over there to see if I could help.

The ring was lost in a wooded area across the street from his home that was covered in a layer of thick leaves, so I knew I had my work cut out for me. Once I’d fired up the detector (I just pressed the power button, but fired up sounds more impressive) and started swinging the coil over the area I realized just how much my work was in fact cut out for me… the area, which was along a roadside was littered with years of garbage from the nearby roadway and there were signals everywhere.This is most often the case near roads.

At this point all I could do was roll up my sleeves and get to work (figuratively, I was wearing short sleeves),  so I began removing targets as I swung over them. I had already inquired about the type of metal the ring was, so I had a pretty good idea what type of signal I was looking for, but with all the aluminum cans under the leaf cover I was afraid the ring signal would be masked by trash signals. As I continued removing trash I came across a good signal in the range I predicted the ring would be in which turned out to be a broken mirror (for those that don’t know, mirrors often have a metal backing for the reflection portion).             That’s right ! There were shards of mirror everywhere which gave signals that were in the ring range and were just waiting to slice an unsuspecting detectorist open. It just doesn’t get much more difficult than that, or does it ? …….

It’s when I began removing shards of mirror that I realized that growing up through the leaves, under the shade of these thick Oak trees thrived a rather large patch of Poison Ivy……

  1. Leaves (check)
  2. Trash (check)
  3. Broken glass (check)
  4. Poison Ivy (check)

Bring it on! — I kept my head down and kept searching. This was someone’s lost ring, prized possession, an item that most likely carried some sentimental significance and I wasn’t leaving until I could say I’d given it my all. It wasn’t long and my perseverance had paid off. I stood up, took a step back and let out a disheartening sigh as I scanned the area for the thousandth time and thought “I’m just going to walk farther from where I’ve been searching and outside the suspected area and give it a try”, and sure enough within seconds the detector gave a signal in prime ring range — there it was, it had been a few steps outside my search area the whole time. Always the last place you look.

Lost Ring Baton Rouge Area …. Did you loose a ring, keys, cell phone ? I can help

from Baton Rouge (Louisiana, United States)
Contact: 1-225-328-5300

I’m new to the site but have been metal detecting for over 20 years. I recover items using a state of the art detector and am excited to be able to help so give me a call. Metal detecting takes years of experience to get good at so please give me a call before wasting money on buying or acquiring a rental detector. I can help !!

Rings, jewelry, relics, coins, caches, hidden family treasures. I can find it all.