White Gold Ring Lost In Evansville

from Lexington (Kentucky, United States)
Contact: 1-859-325-6911

I received a call from a very distressed lady who was frantic over losing her engagement ring. After speaking to her for just a few minutes I realized how important it was to get this ring back for her. I told her not to worry that I would do all I could to help. This being my first journey under (The Ring Finders) I wanted a successful return.

I live in central Ky so the drive to Evansville Ind was roughly 200 miles, not normally a distance that I would like to travel but I knew this ring was important so distance wasn’t an issue. As I was driving I made my first mistake. I had forgot to charge my gopro and it was completely dead. My cell phone wasn’t much better, only had a few bars left on it. So pics and video was going to have to wait till my next hunt. I guess we learn as we go.  After arriving to the location I accessed the situation and began my hunt for the ring. The backyard was fenced in and relatively small. With no real obstructions I thought I would have a pretty easy hunt. But we all know it never works out that way. I searched and searched with no luck. I knew there were targets in the ground but what I was looking for had to be on the top or at least close to it. So after not hitting my target I decided to go to my truck and bring out the flags. I realized I was going over the same targets and getting nowhere. Through the process of elimination and using the flags to mark the deeper targets and the ones I had already been over I was able to narrow my search down to a small area. After several hours and noticing that the lady was pretty shook up I stopped to take a break and to go over some small details. I assured her that I wasn’t leaving until we found her ring. With the new information I continued on with my search. After about another hour and darkness starting to fall I hit my target. While trying to hold back my excitement I slowing made my way back towards her still waving my detector like I was still searching. I got about 5 feet from her and said. Ma”am,  Its getting late and I have a long drive back. But, if you have someone else come search for your ring make sure it looks just like this one. The smile and the relief that came over her was well worth the trip. After the hugs and thank yous she offered me a very nice reward, I decline about half of it and told her that re-uniting her with her ring was a reward in it self.

My first search though The Ring Finders group was well worth every penny I spent for my location. I cant wait to re-up again.


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  1. Jim Wren says:

    Great first find James!!! Welcome to TRF. A couple little hints, no two hunts are ever the same and there’s glitches in every one you’ll do. Best of luck to you.


  2. Chris Turner says:

    Yes congratulations on your first recovery as a member of TRF! That was a long drive and I’m glad you found the ring! makes the drive back much easier! Also that was very kind of you to give back half the reward!!

  3. Good results. Perhaps GoPro has car charging units available. I have a “splitter” allowing me to charge more than one unit at a time. Keep up the good work!

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