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Kettle Valley Diamond Ring Found! Kelowna BC Canada

  • from West Kelowna (British Columbia, Canada)

Thank you so much for finding my wedding ring. I could not believe how quickly you found it, in less than 1/2 an hour, after I had spent hours over 3 days combing the field with a high tech metal detector and the help of every kid in the neighborhood and a few curious adults. Amidst the long grass and the clover and so many false alarms, including about 30 metal posts, it was amazing that you found it so quickly.

I really did not think you would find it after my extensive search. I even questioned whether I would see it again even if you did find it. It could have just as easily ended up in your pocket. Sorry, but you were just some guy my husband found on the internet. A Ring Finder? Sounds a little suspect to me. Forgive me but I am married to a police officer.

I am ever so thankful and apologize for doubting you. I hope to not need to use your services again, but I will not waste my time searching for anything ever again. I will vouch that you worked without even considering what the reward would be and that I believe you do this job purely for the enjoyment of finding things for people. It is obvious that your knowledge and experience with finding things is well beyond that of your average person. If you had an hourly rate, whatever it was would be worth it.

I especially loved how you showed the ring to my eldest daughter on your walk back to me to ask her if the ring you found looked like my wedding ring. I saw the excitement in my youngest daughter’s face when she learned that you had found the ring she had taken without mommy’s permission and accidentally lost while playing in the field near the house. How thoughtful of you to involve them in the process.

Thank you again. You went over and above the call of duty, offering to come out on Friday night at 8pm when we called to report the ring lost. Understanding when I cancelled your services on Saturday because I decided to search myself. And then following up on Saturday night to see if I had found it. And then actually coming out on Sunday after I called you to surrender my search over to you. My back is killing me. My husband told me repeatedly that I wouldn’t find it and that you would. For the first time in this relationship he was right. Teehee!!! He told me to write that. I added the second part.

Again, our heartfelt thanks. Give my name and number out to anyone as a reference.

Deb deHoog

It is interesting when someone tells me that they are going to go out and buy a metal detector and look for the lost ring themselves. I actually encourage it and give advice as to what type of detector to look for. But at the same time I also give them another piece of advice. Buying a metal detector is like buying a violin. Anyone can buy a violin and pluck away at the strings, or run the bow across and make noise. But to really make it sing you have to learn to play it, and put in the hours to learn the instrument. With a metal detector you must know about your equipment and what it can and cannot do. You need to know a tonne of information from search techniques to piecing together step by step what happened when the ring was lost, and getting your hands dirty learning your machine. you need to put in at least a hundred hours before you can even call yourself a detectorist. This is a science of experience and technology. I have seen guys with brand new 2k Metal detectors get schooled by some old guy with an Ace 250 and 10 plus years under their belt with the MD. You need the experience to make the technology work.

As far as the trust issue, I can understand the hesitation. I mean how can you trust “some guy” from the internet to reunite you with your lost valuables. Well I can tell you that I have met several of our members here, and they have one common thread. There is no greater feeling that finding something that someone else has lost and felt like they would never see again… No amount of money can ever buy that feeling! This is a great organization that is packed full of passionate people with one goal in mind… reuniting people with their story, and by story I mean ring. Every ring has a story until you loose it, our job is to see the story come back to life!

I can still hear Deb running towards me yelling “Oh my Gosh I think he found it!” when I was showing her eldest daughter. Nothing beats that, and I love what I do!


Inspector get`s his ring back in Penticton

  • from West Kelowna (British Columbia, Canada)

Hi James,

Once again a million “Thank you’s” could never repay you for your efforts in finding my Retirement ring. As promised, a letter of thanks.

The ring was a gift from my Peers and Superiors after a 31 plus year career in Law Enforcement. I have worn it proudly for almost a year and have always been wary of misplacing or losing it so typically I am very cognizant of having it on and careful with it in differing environments.

On Wednesday I was walking the woods adjacent to a Golf Course in Penticton and returned home. I did some minor yard work and awaited the end of the day to team up with my Girlfriend to go hit a few at the Driving Range. As I loaded her gear into her vehicle I noticed my Pinkie ring was missing. I took everything out of the trunk and turned it upside down with no luck. I replayed the day in my mind and came to the conclusion that the ring must have fallen off my hand during my hike.

On Thursday I returned to the spot and retraced my steps without success. At home I checked the yard and areas I was working on and then once again went after the trunk of the car. I realized that the ring was definitely lost so I placed an ad in Kijiji of the loss as well as visited a local Pawn Shop to have that difficult conversation. I took a drive scouring the Penticton area beaches trying to find a beachcomber with their gear to make them an offer they could not refuse, but unfortunately I came up empty. Checking the Internet I could not find anything that would seem to be of assistance under ‘Metal Detectors and Detection’.

James contacted me to direct me to Theringfinders.com website and from this I contacted James back and we hatched a plan for the following day. James came from West Kelowna to Penticton on my behest, with a partial family in tow, to help me find my ring. James was very strategic and understanding and attacked the problem like a Detective in pursuit of the clues to the case.

He labored hard on hilly terrain and located many interesting items but no ring. His confidence in his equipment and my confidence in his sincerity, knowledge and skill made me appreciate that if anyone would be able to find it, then I was looking at him. James made many attempts and did so to put my mind at ease. He had the foresight to insist that we make a detour to my home to check out the area of the backyard so that at the very least I could be certain that the ring was lost elsewhere.

Within 5 minutes he had checked the main garden areas and went to the last row of Junipers to complete his search. I went inside to get James a soda and as I exited he held up my ring rights in front of my eyes and asked if this was it … I was truly speechless and unbelievably grateful. Not in my wildest dreams would I have thought that he would have had success and especially not in my very own backyard!

Personally I would like to say from the farthest and deepest regions of my heart a warm felt and genuine thank you for his diligence and never say die attitude! I was truly impressed by his principles and ethical behaviour that motivated him to take up the cause for me and others and work so hard to make the impossible – possible! I have seen a lot of good people do some amazing things for their fellow man but in this case James is not only finding an object like a ring but giving back to a person their hope and their memories that the object represents?

Again, I cannot say thank you enough for how hard you worked to achieve this success … Thank You!!!

Luch Berti, Retired Inspector
Calgary Police Service

PS Never quit ‘Dirt Fishin’ as like you said it is like uncovering the Tomb of King Tutt …


[James]     I could not have told the story better myself…

Ring found on the way to a Ring Find!

  • from West Kelowna (British Columbia, Canada)

This young guy calls me in panic about hus lost ring a few days ago along Carr’s Landing.  I already had a ring find planned for up past Vernon, and decided to add it to the trip.  I meet the gentleman in Winfield and he leads me to the spot.  A 200meter trail leads us to a remote area of rocky beach.  not allot of room for a ring to hide, and unfortunatly according to thus young guy, it was packed that day.  Not very

gold news!  The report was that he took off his ring and placed it on his chair on a towel. At the end of the day he packed everything up and headed back to his truck….forgetting of course to put hus ring back on.  Well I brought with me both land and water detectors and soon went to work…Not a very big area to search, and after 20min. I had nothing.  I then start searching the path leading back to the road and still found nothing. Waiting at the cars was my wife and she then tells us that a bylaw officer was going to give us tickets for parking along the road, but that she talked him out of it.  Kinda hard to give a woman with a 6 month old baby a ticket…lol.  Anyways, I asked my young friend where he parked.  He pointed to the other sude if the road and off I went on a whim.  Bam!  loud and clear and just below the surface of the dirt….his big gold ring!…Trusting my gut paid-off.  This young man was sure someone had already picked it up from the beach.  Another search with a find not even close to where it was thought to be.

Ring found on the evening of the first year Anniversary

  • from West Kelowna (British Columbia, Canada)

I get a call, and the first words from this fellow are “I really hope you can help me out”.  it turns out this couple had vacationed in Naramata for their first year anniversary.  the husband decides to take advantage of the beautiful beach of Three Mile in Naramata.  At the end of a day at the beach he discovers….OMG my ring!  He then spent the whole next day with a snorkel and mask looking for his lost ring.  Apparently his wife told him that he needed to get the ring re-sized as it was a little loose….she was right!  I arranged to bring the whole family and all my equipment because the area was everything from full scuba/hookah to along the beach.  So there we are, all of my kids are in the water with masks and snorkels and I’m out with the under water detector. The couple had a reservation for dinner that evening so I told them to check back with us after their anniversary dinner.  We went to work grid searching everywhere.  Soon the sun was going down and still no ring.  my wife then said that I should start searching the other side of the beach.  So I stopped and headed for shore.  Funny thing was that, why waste a walk without your detector on!  I had my detector on as I was wadding in no deeper than my knees, going to the other side of the b

each……Beeeep I get a hit, and for some reason or another I decide to see what it is.  Now keep in mind, this is another very trashy…beautiful beach.  lots of buried old nails, dreaded pull-tabs, and bottle caps…. and the occasional ax head lol.  their was a load of big signals and deep signals that I just passed over because of the size of the ring and the time lost.  But this beep I decided to just take a look…Shut the Front Door.. it was the ring.  It was just not in the area he thought he lost it…..  Not the first time that has happened, trust me.  So I bring the ring over to my wife on shore, just as the couple are walking down to see how we did.  As they get closer I hold up the ring and the husband rushes over to look  “OMG…That’s my ring!”  He falls to his knees, and she starts crying.  Spectators behind us on the beach start cheering….It really doesn’t get any better than this!  This is an anniversary they will both never forget, and all because of “TheRingFinders”.

A year after the wedding band was lost in Kal lake near Vernon BC Canada

  • from West Kelowna (British Columbia, Canada)

I get a call from Vince about his lost ring….in the lake…oh and it gets better….last year….in silt…and not too sure where and when it came off.  Welcome to what I call an Angel search!  Because the only thing you can do is pray you find it!

Last year Vince was at a small quiet beach area close to Kal lake beach out by Vernon.  He was helping another friend look for a pair of cheap sunglasses that this person dropped out in the lake close to a swimming marker.  This is when he realized that his wedding band was no longer with him.  So he contacted the local  dive shop in Vernon and rented an under water metal detector……no luck!  The owner of the dive shop offered to help him search and came out with full dive gear and the metal detector…  Five minutes into the search this dive shop owner’s detector floods… poor seal!… That was it, time to throw in the towel.  After doing a little research on the net about different types of detectors, Vince came across our site for the RingFinders.  So with an ember of hope he sends me an e-mail.

On a scale of 1 to 10…… This search was a 9!  Vis was 3 feet at most, running quickly out of daylight, silt that was up to 18″ deep in places and the search area was the size of a pitch.  All the bottle caps in the lake seem to have migrated to this location.  I found spent shotgun shells, fry pans, lead weights, cans and hubcaps.  Oh yes , and did i mention the bottle caps!

His ring was a weak signal that I’m sure that I had already gone over once already, but decided to see what it was anyway.  Pulled out a beer can… went over the si

te again and still got a signal… then pulled out a rusted bottle cap….still getting a signal…I am elbow deep in silt and I pull out what I think is a spent shotgun shell…Sugar Honey IceTea…it,s the ring!  Weak signal and about 18″ in the silt.

The search started as i drove to Vernon at 5pm… I arrive back at home around 11:30pm… Oh and did I mention the 2km hike down to the beach access from the parking area.  I had a tonne of gear with me for the search.

When I came out of the water, Vince was waiting for me on the shore. I came up and declared that I was out of time, as the sun was slowly disappearing behind the mountains. Vince then said that if I could not find it, then it was truly gone for good. This is when I held up my finger with the ring on it and said “well then I guess it was a good thing I found it!”. Vince declared me his new best friend and his wife called me Golum, from the Lord of the Rings movie.



Kelowna B.C. Septic Tank … Found! Owner happy he can now Go!

  • from West Kelowna (British Columbia, Canada)

First call of the season was not what I had expected.  The message was “Hi I am calling for the Ringfinders service and we have something we need you to find!”  This couple purchased a really nice property up in the Mission area of Kelowna about 8 years ago and they are on septic.  Well according to the husband, it has been that long since the septic tank was serviced!  The septic company wanted to charge them over a 150 bucks to locate the tank before they got it serviced.  So they decided to see if they could find a used metal detector or something and find it themselves.  That is when they stumbled on my ad in a local online classifieds.  Lucky for them, I have the Marko Jeotech in my equipment locker.  This little baby can find voids in the earth, like a half filed septic tank.  Well in about 15 minutes I found his buried copper gas line and the septic tank close by.  The service cap was about a foot or so down and it looked like it had not been disturbed for a bout 10 years or so.  I’m sure they can both breath a sigh of relief in knowing that they can get the tank serviced now!

It may have not been a diamond ring, but the owners were very glad to have it found.

An amazing group of people on this site.

  • from West Kelowna (British Columbia, Canada)
An amazing group of people on this site. 

I can only speak for my experience with James Murphy, but if the
others are anything like him, this is one awesome group of people.
I found this site by accident while checking a lost and found
website, about a week after I lost my ring.  I called up James and
he was eager to get it found.  I'm sure my situation was much less
than ideal for him, a week later, me in another province, and
google satellite images drawn on saying 'I think it was around here'.
Even though it was all done through emailing pictures back
and forth, and me trying my best to recall just where I had been on
that beach, James found that very special ring, not giving up
after his first search ended unsuccessfully. The day I left that beach,
in the middle of my summer holidays, I truly never thought
I would see my ring ever again. Then I found this site and spoke
with James, he was confident, and that gave me a some hope. We got
it all lined up and he went for his search. Then I received an email
from him, with a picture and drawn out area of where he had
searched, coming back empty handed (well, I think he found a few bucks
in change). In that email he asked if I could send another
picture and try to give a more specific area of where I thought I had
been, as he would use that to go on for a second search.  tried my
best, sent the picture to some friends who had been with me, getting
their opinions on where we had been, and sent it off to James. When
I next heard from him, I was nervous to find out what he had to say, and then he gave me the news that I was so
happy to hear, he found it!!  I could hardly believe it!! The only thing better than that phone call was a few
days later when I got the ring back in my hands. I appreciate everything James did, and the effort he put into
his searches. Having this ring means an incredible amount to me and I have to thank James for getting it back
to me.

Kevin H.

Two rings found Gyro Beach Kelowna BC….no luck!

  • from West Kelowna (British Columbia, Canada)

Melissa contacted me  last week about her husbands wedding band lost in the water at Gyro Beach.  The ring is a Tungsten carbide ring and the couple have only been married for a couple of months.

Now as most MD’ers know, we can detect Tungsten carbide, but it’s a “Hard” ring to find… a little MD humour.  Now this was a long distance find, and what I mean by that is the person who lost the ring or item is not present to pinpoint the area.  So the search is a needle in the haystack because all we have to go on are aerial photographs from Google maps to get an idea of where it could be.  Most of us here know that this type of info can narrow it down to about… the size of a soccer pitch!

The first search was definitely not in the right area.  Both myself and Ken D. ( a MD’er in the area as well and member here on RingFinders) looked for hours and found nothing but change and clutter (caps, hairpins, pulltabs, ect)

After discussing the search with Melissa and her husband Andrew, we determined a different area with better detail.  So with this new information and location to search, we are at the task again the next day!  Hour and a half into the search I pull up a mens wedding band…. but it was Titanium.  At this point I thought I found it for sure… I just figured that they where wrong on the type of ring.  I sent Melissa an e-mail with the picture of the ring attached….”no I’m sorry, but that is not the right one…”  AAagh!

Ok well after we regrouped we arranged to meet at the beach the next day so that Melissa could point us in the right area without a doubt.

An hour and an half later.. I pull up another ring.  Big fat and heavy…but a little more shinny than I thought it would be…(they tend to look more dark and no scratches)…. then I noticed the symbol in the inside… it’s gold.  The first time I have ever been disappointed in finding a gold ring!

What are the odds of finding two mens wedding bands in the same area that the Tungsten one is lost in?

Well the two rings are posted up on Castanet.net under community lost and found and hopefully we can return them to the owners.

The moral to this story?….MARK YOUR SPOT!… CONTACT US ASAP!

If you notice your ring slip off or see it drop bellow the waves….Mark your spot!… Stand still, get someone to bring you something to mark the spot to get back to it later… A pile of stones… a stick out of the water….handfull of pennies…. anything to mark the spot…  Because at that point, it would take us longer to get there than it would for us to find it!… Just something to keep in mind.

In my books, no search is ever over until the item is found.  So this one goes into the cold case files and will be revisited at a later date…


Ring Found Peachland BC Canada

  • from West Kelowna (British Columbia, Canada)

Contacted Tracy about an ad that she had up for a lost wedding ring:

Hi James,
Thanks for your call! I don’t even know that I can give you much more information, other than a timeline of my day. As I said in the ad, I’m not sure when I lost the ring and, unfortunately, it was a very busy day that had me from Winfield to Silver Lake camp in Peachland. It seems like a lost cause. I am going to contact the camp to see if it fell of while I was loading my son’s things into the car and we stopped to hide a geocache on the way down so I could give you the coordinates of that as I was thinking of going back there but thought there was no hope I’d find it in all the dust and rocks. It was right after that that I noticed it was missing. I would love to think there was a chance I could get it back.

Let me know what you think!

We had agreed to meet on Friday morning to go over the site.  She informed me that she would go up to the area before we met to see if she could find the place again without a problem.  Luck was on her side:

Hi James,
I went up to the spot where I thought the ring may have been lost so I could get you to it exactly. We wandered around a bit and I retraced my steps as best as I could. Unbelivably, on my way back down one of the hills, I found the ring in the ditch! I guess we won’t need to meet on Friday to search for it but I wanted to say thank you, so much, for contacting me. If it wasn’t for your call, I wouldn’t have headed back as I thought it was a lost cause. I am so appreciative.

Thanks again!

In the end, owner and ring are united!

Ring found Skaha Lake Penticton BC Canada

  • from West Kelowna (British Columbia, Canada)

You can see the engraving on the inside






















I received a call from Kevin about a ring lost on Aug 01 2011.  I received the call about a week after it was lost in the water at Skaha lake.  I know by experience that the beaches and shallow water in the area are well combed over by the Penticton MD club members there.  At that point I sent an e-mail to the members board in-case someone had already found it.

Now unfortunately Kevin was not around to give me a good area to look for the ring, as he had already returned to his home up north in Fort McMurray Alberta.  So everything was done either over the phone or e-mail.  Kevin did his best to give me a general area using Google maps satellite pictures.  So our search started off like a needle in a haystack.  Everyone does their best to describe where they think they where, but none of us come with built in GPS locators, so where you think you lost it a week ago compared to where you actually lost the ring can be miles apart…  Anyone here at the RingFinders knows that grid searching a football field is a long and frustrating task.

The first search lasted 4.5 hours and turned up $4.85 in change and a small fortune in aluminum pull tabs, a pair of sunglasses and one lighter…. no ring!….  When I contacted Kevin about the search result, I think he was accepting the possibility that he would never see his ring again.

Now a little history about the ring, because as we know here, every ring has a story until it is lost and then the story is lost as well.  This ring is a story that had value well over the monetary value of the gold.  His father passed away when he was 5 years old.  At 19 his mother gave him this ring, and he has had it for the past 9 years.  He has worn the ring on a chain around his neck and close to his heart for the past 3 years.  On vacation out on the beaches of Penticton, Kevin was enjoying the Skaha lake water when his chain broke and the ring slipped under the waves.  Kevin and all of his friends stopped and tried to find the ring, but they did more harm then good and is probably one of the contributing factors of why it was found so deep in the sand.

Kevin and I exchanged a couple of photos and tried to pinpoint a better location of where it could be.  The second search lasted  4 hours and this time the wife and kids came alone to enjoy the beach as it is an hour drive from where I live from Skaha lake.  At first they where right there helping me look for the ring, but as you all know the attention span of 5-9 years of age are short.  But it was fun while it lasted.  My wife was on the beach soaking up the sun and cheering me on.. or just waving at me.

At 7:30pm my wife gave me the 10 minute warning, pockets full of caps and spare change I was starting to get tired.

Beep Beeeeeeep! strong signal…. dig digg.. cheese n rice a bottle cap!

Now the best advice I was ever given by an MD’er was “after you dig, go over the site again in-case there is something else”

Beep Beeeeeeeeeep! Another signal deeper down?… dig digg  “this better not be anther frigg’n pull-tab!” is what I was thinking.


Over 8 inches later, “Ohhh shinny gold band in a clump of Black sand!”

And no, it was not in the area we all thought it was… close … but we found it!

Kevin didn’t think it was possible when I called him at close to 10pm that night, but ring and owner are united with the help of a little tenacity and underwater detecting!