Benvoulin Ring Find.... Second Time Success

  • from West Kelowna (British Columbia, Canada)

I get an interesting call from a gentleman asking if I was willing to rent out my detector. My response is always “Yes, but what are you planning to do?” Well it turns out that this couple just came back from the park trying to find a lost wedding band with diamonds, (Lost In The Snow). Short of loosing your ring in the sand, the snow is the second worst place to try to find a ring. Snow makes a diamond ring disappear in a split second. However, the ring was lost in a public park and a well used public park at that. Knowing this, I packed up all my gear and prepared for an evening search. not tempting fate of allowing someone to find it on compact snow the next morning, I was ready for the dark. Arriving at the park site I was assured that the husband felt it come off his finger and that he heard it go through the air in a general direction up the hill. After hearing this I was sure that I would be returning his ring in 20 min or less. Two and a half hours later and 3 different patterned grid searches along the entire hillside where he was standing, all I had was bottle caps, tinfoil wrappers, and a few coins. The only thing I could say was that one of three things happened. One… someone has already found it. Two… It was not lost here. Three… I’m searching the wrong area. I have been doing this enough years that my confidence in my equipment and techniques in searching for lost jewelry have led me to two conclusions. I cannot find something that is not there, and if you put me over your lost ring, your getting it back! Anyways, this poor gentleman was very sure that he did feel it come off and that it had to be here in the snow some place. With that level of assurance I agreed to come back the next day during the daylight and give it another go. So along comes the next day and we are out again on the side of the hill looking for a needle. Things are not looking good, and at this point this guy was helping me dig even the weakest of signals. I think it must have been out of frustration when I watched him demonstrate how the ring flew off his finger, but this time what I noticed was how his hand came back. This got me thinking… I had a funny feeling that it might be possible that the ring didn’t go forward, but that it might have gone back from where he was standing. Searching an area far behind and down the hill well behind where he was standing, approximately

25 feet or more away I came across a beautiful sound and display on my V3. A ring sized object about a couple of inches down in compact snow…. Few things come close to the feeling you get when you hear someone say “OMG that’s it!” Just another case of “Not even close to where they thought it might be” You have got to be part detective to be a good detectorist. I love this stuff!

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  1. Good detective work…Great find.

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