Kettle Valley Diamond Ring Found! Kelowna BC Canada

  • from West Kelowna (British Columbia, Canada)

Thank you so much for finding my wedding ring. I could not believe how quickly you found it, in less than 1/2 an hour, after I had spent hours over 3 days combing the field with a high tech metal detector and the help of every kid in the neighborhood and a few curious adults. Amidst the long grass and the clover and so many false alarms, including about 30 metal posts, it was amazing that you found it so quickly.

I really did not think you would find it after my extensive search. I even questioned whether I would see it again even if you did find it. It could have just as easily ended up in your pocket. Sorry, but you were just some guy my husband found on the internet. A Ring Finder? Sounds a little suspect to me. Forgive me but I am married to a police officer.

I am ever so thankful and apologize for doubting you. I hope to not need to use your services again, but I will not waste my time searching for anything ever again. I will vouch that you worked without even considering what the reward would be and that I believe you do this job purely for the enjoyment of finding things for people. It is obvious that your knowledge and experience with finding things is well beyond that of your average person. If you had an hourly rate, whatever it was would be worth it.

I especially loved how you showed the ring to my eldest daughter on your walk back to me to ask her if the ring you found looked like my wedding ring. I saw the excitement in my youngest daughter’s face when she learned that you had found the ring she had taken without mommy’s permission and accidentally lost while playing in the field near the house. How thoughtful of you to involve them in the process.

Thank you again. You went over and above the call of duty, offering to come out on Friday night at 8pm when we called to report the ring lost. Understanding when I cancelled your services on Saturday because I decided to search myself. And then following up on Saturday night to see if I had found it. And then actually coming out on Sunday after I called you to surrender my search over to you. My back is killing me. My husband told me repeatedly that I wouldn’t find it and that you would. For the first time in this relationship he was right. Teehee!!! He told me to write that. I added the second part.

Again, our heartfelt thanks. Give my name and number out to anyone as a reference.

Deb deHoog

It is interesting when someone tells me that they are going to go out and buy a metal detector and look for the lost ring themselves. I actually encourage it and give advice as to what type of detector to look for. But at the same time I also give them another piece of advice. Buying a metal detector is like buying a violin. Anyone can buy a violin and pluck away at the strings, or run the bow across and make noise. But to really make it sing you have to learn to play it, and put in the hours to learn the instrument. With a metal detector you must know about your equipment and what it can and cannot do. You need to know a tonne of information from search techniques to piecing together step by step what happened when the ring was lost, and getting your hands dirty learning your machine. you need to put in at least a hundred hours before you can even call yourself a detectorist. This is a science of experience and technology. I have seen guys with brand new 2k Metal detectors get schooled by some old guy with an Ace 250 and 10 plus years under their belt with the MD. You need the experience to make the technology work.

As far as the trust issue, I can understand the hesitation. I mean how can you trust “some guy” from the internet to reunite you with your lost valuables. Well I can tell you that I have met several of our members here, and they have one common thread. There is no greater feeling that finding something that someone else has lost and felt like they would never see again… No amount of money can ever buy that feeling! This is a great organization that is packed full of passionate people with one goal in mind… reuniting people with their story, and by story I mean ring. Every ring has a story until you loose it, our job is to see the story come back to life!

I can still hear Deb running towards me yelling “Oh my Gosh I think he found it!” when I was showing her eldest daughter. Nothing beats that, and I love what I do!


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  1. Good find and great analogy re: detectors and violin.

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