Inspector get`s his ring back in Penticton

  • from West Kelowna (British Columbia, Canada)

Hi James,

Once again a million “Thank you’s” could never repay you for your efforts in finding my Retirement ring. As promised, a letter of thanks.

The ring was a gift from my Peers and Superiors after a 31 plus year career in Law Enforcement. I have worn it proudly for almost a year and have always been wary of misplacing or losing it so typically I am very cognizant of having it on and careful with it in differing environments.

On Wednesday I was walking the woods adjacent to a Golf Course in Penticton and returned home. I did some minor yard work and awaited the end of the day to team up with my Girlfriend to go hit a few at the Driving Range. As I loaded her gear into her vehicle I noticed my Pinkie ring was missing. I took everything out of the trunk and turned it upside down with no luck. I replayed the day in my mind and came to the conclusion that the ring must have fallen off my hand during my hike.

On Thursday I returned to the spot and retraced my steps without success. At home I checked the yard and areas I was working on and then once again went after the trunk of the car. I realized that the ring was definitely lost so I placed an ad in Kijiji of the loss as well as visited a local Pawn Shop to have that difficult conversation. I took a drive scouring the Penticton area beaches trying to find a beachcomber with their gear to make them an offer they could not refuse, but unfortunately I came up empty. Checking the Internet I could not find anything that would seem to be of assistance under ‘Metal Detectors and Detection’.

James contacted me to direct me to website and from this I contacted James back and we hatched a plan for the following day. James came from West Kelowna to Penticton on my behest, with a partial family in tow, to help me find my ring. James was very strategic and understanding and attacked the problem like a Detective in pursuit of the clues to the case.

He labored hard on hilly terrain and located many interesting items but no ring. His confidence in his equipment and my confidence in his sincerity, knowledge and skill made me appreciate that if anyone would be able to find it, then I was looking at him. James made many attempts and did so to put my mind at ease. He had the foresight to insist that we make a detour to my home to check out the area of the backyard so that at the very least I could be certain that the ring was lost elsewhere.

Within 5 minutes he had checked the main garden areas and went to the last row of Junipers to complete his search. I went inside to get James a soda and as I exited he held up my ring rights in front of my eyes and asked if this was it … I was truly speechless and unbelievably grateful. Not in my wildest dreams would I have thought that he would have had success and especially not in my very own backyard!

Personally I would like to say from the farthest and deepest regions of my heart a warm felt and genuine thank you for his diligence and never say die attitude! I was truly impressed by his principles and ethical behaviour that motivated him to take up the cause for me and others and work so hard to make the impossible – possible! I have seen a lot of good people do some amazing things for their fellow man but in this case James is not only finding an object like a ring but giving back to a person their hope and their memories that the object represents?

Again, I cannot say thank you enough for how hard you worked to achieve this success … Thank You!!!

Luch Berti, Retired Inspector
Calgary Police Service

PS Never quit ‘Dirt Fishin’ as like you said it is like uncovering the Tomb of King Tutt …


[James]     I could not have told the story better myself…