A year after the wedding band was lost in Kal lake near Vernon BC Canada

  • from West Kelowna (British Columbia, Canada)

I get a call from Vince about his lost ring….in the lake…oh and it gets better….last year….in silt…and not too sure where and when it came off.  Welcome to what I call an Angel search!  Because the only thing you can do is pray you find it!

Last year Vince was at a small quiet beach area close to Kal lake beach out by Vernon.  He was helping another friend look for a pair of cheap sunglasses that this person dropped out in the lake close to a swimming marker.  This is when he realized that his wedding band was no longer with him.  So he contacted the local  dive shop in Vernon and rented an under water metal detector……no luck!  The owner of the dive shop offered to help him search and came out with full dive gear and the metal detector…  Five minutes into the search this dive shop owner’s detector floods… poor seal!… That was it, time to throw in the towel.  After doing a little research on the net about different types of detectors, Vince came across our site for the RingFinders.  So with an ember of hope he sends me an e-mail.

On a scale of 1 to 10…… This search was a 9!  Vis was 3 feet at most, running quickly out of daylight, silt that was up to 18″ deep in places and the search area was the size of a pitch.  All the bottle caps in the lake seem to have migrated to this location.  I found spent shotgun shells, fry pans, lead weights, cans and hubcaps.  Oh yes , and did i mention the bottle caps!

His ring was a weak signal that I’m sure that I had already gone over once already, but decided to see what it was anyway.  Pulled out a beer can… went over the si

te again and still got a signal… then pulled out a rusted bottle cap….still getting a signal…I am elbow deep in silt and I pull out what I think is a spent shotgun shell…Sugar Honey IceTea…it,s the ring!  Weak signal and about 18″ in the silt.

The search started as i drove to Vernon at 5pm… I arrive back at home around 11:30pm… Oh and did I mention the 2km hike down to the beach access from the parking area.  I had a tonne of gear with me for the search.

When I came out of the water, Vince was waiting for me on the shore. I came up and declared that I was out of time, as the sun was slowly disappearing behind the mountains. Vince then said that if I could not find it, then it was truly gone for good. This is when I held up my finger with the ring on it and said “well then I guess it was a good thing I found it!”. Vince declared me his new best friend and his wife called me Golum, from the Lord of the Rings movie.