Ring found on the evening of the first year Anniversary

  • from West Kelowna (British Columbia, Canada)

I get a call, and the first words from this fellow are “I really hope you can help me out”.  it turns out this couple had vacationed in Naramata for their first year anniversary.  the husband decides to take advantage of the beautiful beach of Three Mile in Naramata.  At the end of a day at the beach he discovers….OMG my ring!  He then spent the whole next day with a snorkel and mask looking for his lost ring.  Apparently his wife told him that he needed to get the ring re-sized as it was a little loose….she was right!  I arranged to bring the whole family and all my equipment because the area was everything from full scuba/hookah to along the beach.  So there we are, all of my kids are in the water with masks and snorkels and I’m out with the under water detector. The couple had a reservation for dinner that evening so I told them to check back with us after their anniversary dinner.  We went to work grid searching everywhere.  Soon the sun was going down and still no ring.  my wife then said that I should start searching the other side of the beach.  So I stopped and headed for shore.  Funny thing was that, why waste a walk without your detector on!  I had my detector on as I was wadding in no deeper than my knees, going to the other side of the b

each……Beeeep I get a hit, and for some reason or another I decide to see what it is.  Now keep in mind, this is another very trashy…beautiful beach.  lots of buried old nails, dreaded pull-tabs, and bottle caps…. and the occasional ax head lol.  their was a load of big signals and deep signals that I just passed over because of the size of the ring and the time lost.  But this beep I decided to just take a look…Shut the Front Door.. it was the ring.  It was just not in the area he thought he lost it…..  Not the first time that has happened, trust me.  So I bring the ring over to my wife on shore, just as the couple are walking down to see how we did.  As they get closer I hold up the ring and the husband rushes over to look  “OMG…That’s my ring!”  He falls to his knees, and she starts crying.  Spectators behind us on the beach start cheering….It really doesn’t get any better than this!  This is an anniversary they will both never forget, and all because of “TheRingFinders”.