Kelowna B.C. Septic Tank ... Found! Owner happy he can now Go!

  • from West Kelowna (British Columbia, Canada)

First call of the season was not what I had expected.  The message was “Hi I am calling for the Ringfinders service and we have something we need you to find!”  This couple purchased a really nice property up in the Mission area of Kelowna about 8 years ago and they are on septic.  Well according to the husband, it has been that long since the septic tank was serviced!  The septic company wanted to charge them over a 150 bucks to locate the tank before they got it serviced.  So they decided to see if they could find a used metal detector or something and find it themselves.  That is when they stumbled on my ad in a local online classifieds.  Lucky for them, I have the Marko Jeotech in my equipment locker.  This little baby can find voids in the earth, like a half filed septic tank.  Well in about 15 minutes I found his buried copper gas line and the septic tank close by.  The service cap was about a foot or so down and it looked like it had not been disturbed for a bout 10 years or so.  I’m sure they can both breath a sigh of relief in knowing that they can get the tank serviced now!

It may have not been a diamond ring, but the owners were very glad to have it found.