An amazing group of people on this site.

  • from West Kelowna (British Columbia, Canada)
An amazing group of people on this site. 

I can only speak for my experience with James Murphy, but if the
others are anything like him, this is one awesome group of people.
I found this site by accident while checking a lost and found
website, about a week after I lost my ring.  I called up James and
he was eager to get it found.  I'm sure my situation was much less
than ideal for him, a week later, me in another province, and
google satellite images drawn on saying 'I think it was around here'.
Even though it was all done through emailing pictures back
and forth, and me trying my best to recall just where I had been on
that beach, James found that very special ring, not giving up
after his first search ended unsuccessfully. The day I left that beach,
in the middle of my summer holidays, I truly never thought
I would see my ring ever again. Then I found this site and spoke
with James, he was confident, and that gave me a some hope. We got
it all lined up and he went for his search. Then I received an email
from him, with a picture and drawn out area of where he had
searched, coming back empty handed (well, I think he found a few bucks
in change). In that email he asked if I could send another
picture and try to give a more specific area of where I thought I had
been, as he would use that to go on for a second search.  tried my
best, sent the picture to some friends who had been with me, getting
their opinions on where we had been, and sent it off to James. When
I next heard from him, I was nervous to find out what he had to say, and then he gave me the news that I was so
happy to hear, he found it!!  I could hardly believe it!! The only thing better than that phone call was a few
days later when I got the ring back in my hands. I appreciate everything James did, and the effort he put into
his searches. Having this ring means an incredible amount to me and I have to thank James for getting it back
to me.

Kevin H.

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  1. Chris Turner says:

    That is really nice! I’m so proud of all the members on this directory that want to help people!


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