People are Great!

  • from Milton (Ontario, Canada)

I have been involved with TheRingFinders for a year now and have yet to make a recovery.

I got called last winter to locate a Man”s wedding Band, which he had lost while shoveling the snow on his driveway.

So out I went with my Ace 250 and lots of faith!

After 3 hours, I was still unable to locate the ring (2ft of snow) was frustrating!

The client was very understanding, and covered my gas in spite of it all!

People will pleasantly surprise you even in trying circumstances!

6 Replies to “People are Great!”

  1. John Volek says:

    Well Done, you can only find what’s there!


    1. James Curley says:

      Thanks for the support!

  2. Jason Bontrager says:

    I say go back and give it another try.. hey you may get lucky and get your first smile… 🙂
    jason from SC

  3. James Curley says:

    thanks for the support!!!

  4. Dave Millman says:


    Definitely check to see if you can go hunt that ring again, before the snow comes back! Keep the faith, more calls will come.

  5. Reet says:

    James Curley is definitely the gold standard in this business and provides the highest level of customer satisfaction. A little backstory; I lost my keys during the winter storm that commenced on January 28th, 2019 which was equipped with a number of security fobs required in my professional career so it was crucial that I find them as soon as possible. James was so professional at assessing the situation and was totally invested in my cause and quest to retrieve my lost keys. As the snow melted during the last couple of days, my keys surfaced in a snowbank right on my property just like James speculated. No stones left unturned in James’s deductive abilities and essentially provided me exceptional advice to find them. Kudos to you James and I would totally recommend anyone to contact James regarding their lost metallic valuables! 10/10.

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