James Curley, Author at The Ring Finders

Engagement Ring found in Milton Ontario

  • from Milton (Ontario, Canada)

Love that smiling Face, says it ALL!!!

Happy reunion in Mississauga found in October

  • from Milton (Ontario, Canada)

Happy Client from Mississauga, Ontario

close up of find

People are Great!

  • from Milton (Ontario, Canada)

I have been involved with TheRingFinders for a year now and have yet to make a recovery.

I got called last winter to locate a Man”s wedding Band, which he had lost while shoveling the snow on his driveway.

So out I went with my Ace 250 and lots of faith!

After 3 hours, I was still unable to locate the ring (2ft of snow) was frustrating!

The client was very understanding, and covered my gas in spite of it all!

People will pleasantly surprise you even in trying circumstances!