Lost ring found in Modesto

  • from Castro Valley (California, United States)

I was contacted by D.S. by e-mail. She had lost her diamond ring in a park on the 1st of January. She stated that she and her husband had tried a metal detector, but to no avail.  She was feeling that someone had found it

I told her that it takes a bit of experience and knowledge to operate metal detector. Also I said its not likely someone had found it. You knew where it was lost and couldn’t find it. It’s not likely anyone spotted it.

We met at the park on Saturday afternoon. I arrived early, and text her I had arrived. She text me a general description of the area where the ring was lost.

I started searching. She arrived a little later. Then she showed me the spot, that she remembered being at. I swept the area and didn’t find it. She had to go pick up her son. I told her no problem.

I switched to a smaller loop and searched the area close to a chain link fence.  A couple steps in, I picked up a signal over the interference that the fence was causing. It was the ring.

I sent D.S. a picture. She couldn’t believe I found it. She asked how I found it?  I responded “I have a metal detector.”  She said “right.”

She admitted that she didn’t think I’d find it.  After the first sweep, she left because she didn’t want to cry in front of me. I told her I understood. She was very happy. To say the least.


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  1. Larry Griffith (France) says:

    Great result!

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