Lost ring in Dublin CA, found.

  • from Castro Valley (California, United States)

Last Thursday at 730 pm, just when I was getting ready to start a meeting for the “Original California Searchers”, my phone rings.  Its a gentleman name Tony and while coaching his son’s soccer team he had lost his wedding ring.  He had purchased a metal detector, at a local store, and was not able to find the ring on his own.  So he googled “lost ring” and came apon “The Ring Finders”. He asked if I could help him.  I sat up a time to meet the next day.  We met at the park and Tony went over what he done and where the previous day.  I spent 15 to 20 minutes searching the area he played goalie to get a feel for the trash level, and to see if I could get a little lucky.

I determined I would need to set up a grid  and use a smaller loop(to many pull tabs and coins).  I set up the grid and dug everything that was in the gold range and with in 3 inches of the surface.  I found a half dozen targets, but no ring in the first three rolls.  I dug a couple of quarters on a second sweep just to make sure I was getting good readings(I felt the ring would be in one of these rows).

Then I searched the last row of my first grid.  Near the center, of my fist grid pattern’s fourth row, I got a solid 45 on the surface.  It was Tony’s  ring (the last row in fact),  I got a solid 45 near the surface.   Tony did a good job of putting me in the right area.   Oh by the way, I did have aconcern that the park might of be searched in morning by the retired gang.  A group of reired men that go out and hunt in the morning.  They hunt dublin parks mostly.