Ring lost in El Sobrante, backyard.

  • from Castro Valley (California, United States)

About 6:20 last night(30th) I get a e-mail titled “lost ring in backyard” .  A gentleman asked if I could search for his ring.  I responded “love to”.  After a e-mail exchange We met up at his house.  He was making mud packs with his daughter, and it came off.

Well I thought it would be a quick scan and done.  I picked up two spots that had the right sound but not vary easy to repeat.  I choose the one that had the best tone.  It turned out to be aluminum and nails.  The second spot had sounded like iron nails with a little hint of foil.   I pin pointed and came up a nail.  I swepted the hole again, and this time it sounded more like gold.  But I got another nail.  So I re-pin pointed and this time I came up with the wedding ring.

I was surprized by the amount of nails in a spot that the gentleman and his daughter had just used to make mud.

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  1. Christian Smith says:

    Hello James, I am the guy who lost his ring while packing mud in my backyard. I was also surprised at the amount of nails you found because my daughter and I did not encounter any while building our “mud wall”.

    Anyhow, I am writing because my wife recently reminded me of the time I lost my ring “playing in the mud” which she does on occasion. I am just glad it is a happy story, thanks to you. We are going on three years now and I still can’t thank you enough for your detective and detector skills.

    Christian Smith

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