Debra can really Bear hug!!

from Virginia Beach (Virginia, United States)


Debra contacted me Friday immediately after she lost two heirloom rings from her deceased mother.  She took them off to apply sunscreen, placed them in her lap, then forgot they were there.  They got up shook the towels and went on.  It wasn’t until later she discovered they were not on her finger.

Between texts and phone calls and emails, I jumped in my car the next morning at 7 AM. Since she was from out of town and had only one day left, it was a good time to meet.  She outlined the space she was in and I started a tight grid.  I made a complete pass clockwise and the second pass, the first ring is in my scoop.  Tears of joy, hyperventilating and a gripping bear hug ensued!!  The next scoop had the second ring immediately.

I was so happy to help her.  She was very appreciative and even though those are the only pictures we took, I will forever remember Debra!

Please the moral of the story – Don’t wear jewelry to the beach!!!!!


Ina Finn

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