Platinum find in garden

  • from Auckland (New Zealand)

Chris and had been married for all of 6 months and managed to lose his ring mowing the lawns. Its not uncommon in winter with cold and windy conditions.
On the day he lost it he had been mowing and then putting the clippings around the garden.
It was a special ring for them both as he had designed it and then had it made.
I arrived at the address not really knowing if I would find it, often the lawns are very short making it obvious they are not there or having the arduous task of picking through the shrubs and plants.
I was really lucky today to see the grass was long enough to hide such a ring.
We made our way around the back garden stopping for alot of false targets.
One of the frustrating things about garden hunts are the metal fences, but lucky for Chris he had dropped it just far enough away for it to be detected.
There was a big sigh of relief from both of us when it turned up in the grass.
Ian S, Auckland NZ.

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