Lost ring Mellons Bay Auckland

  • from Auckland (New Zealand)

I was just thinking about getting into the pool when I looked at my phone and realized I had missed a call.

It was from Sean who was swimming with friends at Mellons Bay, East Auckland.
It was a really hot day, after applying sunscreen he entered the water.

At that moment he changed the ring to a tighter finger to keep it safe, except that is when it fell off.
His friends threw a big rock in the surf to mark the area, as it was high tide, this turned out to be a good idea as it gave me a reliable starting point.

4 hours later I attempted a rescue mission, I met them on the beach in front of where they thought it was.
The water was rough so it was inevitable we would all get wet, I started in front of the rock getting slammed by waist high waves trying to concentrate on keeping my balance.
Moving my metal detector around in the water I heard scratchy whispery noises, but I was after a loud tone, my detector has a screen so I can see shapes as well.

They said over here so I went there and got nothing, after a while I wondered if it was further out and then came a tone and a round shape.
I said I think this is it, it had to be because there was nothing else, then a wave crashed and I lost it.
More searching, I thought after all this it would be pretty cruel for it to be bottle top‎Again I had it, the guys were eager to reach in and help, but we couldn’t afford to lose it, I scooped it up and tipped it out on to the shore.

I don’t know who was more relieved.

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