Ring lost for 2 days before being found!

  • from Auckland (New Zealand)

Luisa contacted me to say that while packing up the family picnic at Maraetai Beach Auckland.
She lost her ring in between shaking the rug and retrieving the kids clothes near the shore.
I wasn’t able to hunt for a couple of days and was convinced after hunting in the wrong place that it had been picked up on this very popular Beach for metal detecting.
Luckily for both of us Luisa turned up to check on my progress and gave me the search area.
I set out boundaries in the sand and then grid searched that area. I found a silver ring and a dog tag, then we decided to extend the search area.
I worked my way back towards the waters edge, the beach is a very clean beach so it was easy to dig each target and know it could be the ring.
I dug a target that was a gold signal and fortunately it was a gold ring, I asked Luisa to come and look at it to see if it was hers.
It was hers, she shed tears of relief, another job done.


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