Lost ring inherited from father

  • from Auckland (New Zealand)
  • A young lady contacted me to say her friend Nick had lost his gold sygnet ring in the dry sand at Eastern Beach, Auckland NZ.
    She provided me with some pictures of the beach and an address opposite from where they were sitting to get me started.
    I had been out most of the day at a Christmas function, so as soon as I got home I threw my gear in the car and headed for the beach.
    As I arrived a passerby who had helped them try to find it turned up to give me directions, the search area was relatively small, but was littered with low denomination coins and trash.
    After covering the area I extended the search to see if the ring had been flicked by the blanket when they packed up, this turned out to be the right decision, after walking a few paces I came across a tone that sounds like a ring pull from a can.
    As I gently moved the sand with my hand outĀ  came a nice yellow metal…gold.
    I sent her a picture of the ring in the sand and she said ‘That’s it!!!’
    Then I got a call from a very excited Nick, the ring was his dad’s and it had his initials engraved on it.