Lost earring found under kitchen cabinets

  • from Auckland (New Zealand)

I was contacted by an agency working on behalf of a well-known insurance firm to see if I could locate an earring lost somewhere in a kitchen.
The earrings were a birthday gift from the clients husband, I decided to take on the challenge even though it was likely to be a difficult search.
When I arrived at her house Barbara showed me the bench where she had been cleaning her jewellery and next to it was a waste disposal unit. I hoped it hadn’t gone down there as it likely would be long gone. She said she had been cleaning the earring before she dropped it.
I started by using a very bright torch to check under the fridge and in the cupboards.
It soon became apparent that the earring wasn’t where she had thought it had landed.  I had also come prepared with an endoscopic inspection camera.
After looking more closely around the cupboards Barbara suggested the gap under the dishwasher behind the cabinetry. After 5 minutes of dragging the camera tubing back and forth I came across a very reflective object. The picture was not great but I was pretty confident it was the earring.
We both decided a tradesman would need to remove part of the dishwasher door to look into the space and remove the earring.
Today she texted me to say thankyou
and to let me know they found the earring right in the place I had said it would be, she said I can’t thank you enough. My daughters partner James managed to get through the dishwasher to find it yesterday. Merry Christmas. Thanks Barbara🎄

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