Lost ring while swimming

  • from Auckland (New Zealand)
  • I was contacted by Neve who had been swimming at Maraetai Beach when her ring slipped of her finger.
    I decided to go down at 5am to catch the low tide, the weather was warm with light winds, making the water calm.
    She explained that she had lost the ring at about 3 in the afternoon in the water.
    I figured that at 5 am the place she lost it would not be covered in water, so that is where I started, right on the waters edge.
    I suppose I walked up the beach about 25 metres, this beach is regularly hunted by hobby detectorists, so there wasn’t a single other target.
    I got a target that I thought might be a penny, but when I pushed the sand away, I found her ring staring back at me.
    I sent Neve a picture of the ring and got back the message, ‘Ah amazing thank you so much!!
    Its not every day you get your target on your first hole.
    Ian (East Auckland NZ).