Lost ring found on the football field

  • from Auckland (New Zealand)

I was contacted by Mark’s wife Kirsty to say that her husband had lost his wedding ring the previous night at the Beachlands domain in Auckland New Zealand and was wondering if I could have a look.
I was working Saturday and Sunday so I had to look in the evening which meant I had about 40 minutes of daylight and the rest I had to use a headlamp.
The first attempt I followed their hand written map and some instructions which were 3m either side of half way, then from the middle of the field walking over to the gap on the fence along karaka road. My car was parked on the football field side of the road on karaka road, heading back towards countdown.
After an hour and a half of not finding it I moved over to the gap and side of the road, but after another 20 minutes decided that it had to have been picked up by someone and that I had done all I could do, so I gave Kristy the bad news.
The next day I had a gut feeling I had missed it some how, so I decided to go back and search a bigger area around the original map and grid search it.
The next night I only had half an hour of daylight and it was spitting, after an hour or so the dew in the grass showed my tracks making it easier to cover the area properly.
For the detectorists reading this story, there weren’t many signals which is actually a blessing when doing these hunts and I managed to almost cover the width of the field, by then I was pretty much over it and was again ready to call it quits. Then I got an 18 crt tone on the nox and there it was!
I texted Kirsty saying that it was further over than the 3 metres they had suggested.
She said Wow thank you so much, my husband is very relieved. 😌
Ian Scott, Beachlands NZ.