Lost Pandora Charm reunited with owner

  • from Auckland (New Zealand)

3 weeks ago Vivienne leapt off the wharf at Maraetai, New Zealand on a hot spring day to cool down, but when she got out she noticed her bracelet had opened and her rose gold Pandora charm had fallen off.
She noticed someone metal detecting on the beach and asked if he could look out for it. Jack who is a regular on the beach explained that he couldn’t get out that far, but would ask his friend Ian to look out for it.
I did find it on another hot day on a very low tide, I was working near the stairs of the wharf, normally this is covered with 3 feet of water. The ground is sandy mud over rocks and shells, so you don’t need to dig too deep to get your target. The first two signals were rubbish,  but the next signal was a little gold heart charm that sort of resembled the description.

I was given an address only and decided to pop by after work to see if indeed it was hers.

Vivienne couldn’t believe someone had just brought it to her door,  she really believed it was not coming back.

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