Lost rings found Mangere, Auckland

  • from Auckland (New Zealand)
  • Today I met a young lady who had lost two rings in an industrial park in the grass, When I arrived she explained that she had gone back to find one ring with a friend and a hired metal detector, but had trouble trying to use it. They had also tried to throw things to see if they could see where they landed, one of these things being the second ring!
    One thing on our side was that it was a small area with grass about 10cm high, which was better than the surrounding section.
    I asked her to go and stand where she had thrown the ring and asked her to throw a 10cent to give me an idea of where I should start, this turned out to be a good decision, as the first ring turned up a foot away from the coin, the second ring was about 3 feet from the first one. When I pulled the rings from the grass she said ‘Thank you so much, I just can’t believe it, they have been there for 3 weeks…’
    Another successful recovery by Ian Scott in Auckland.