Lost bracelet found in Auckland New Zealand

  • from Auckland (New Zealand)

Recovery by Ian Scott.
I answered a desperate message on the local grapevine about a lost Pandora bracelet on Eastern beach Auckland NZ. The family were on an outing at the beach on Saturday when the young daughter’s bracelet fell into the sand.

When I arrived there had been a few attempts to retrieve it already, so I thought it may have already been found. The tide was out and it was a beautiful Sunday morning, so after a good chat I went about scanning the sand, the mudflats and the dry sand turned up nothing.

After spending about 5 minutes walking along the sand near the mudflats I got a signal, so bent down and scraped away the sand to reveal a ring of silver. My heart skipped a beat could this be it?

I waved at the owner to come over, as soon as she saw it her hands started shaking and there were tears. What a great outcome.