Auckland New Zealand Ring returned

  • from Auckland (New Zealand)

A work colleague contacted me to ask if I could help find her friends engagement ring that had been lost in her garden a few days before.

The property was in south Auckland New Zealand and the ring was somewhere on the front lawn.

I was met by the owner who had spent hours searching. After a brief description about what she had been doing and what it looked like I started working along the flowerbed and then over the grass.

The house was brand new and there was alot of trash just under the surface of the ground, so after 20 minutes of digging just junk, I swapped metal detectors, this machine had a small coil which is very good for trashy area and soon enough I picked up a solid tone on my ctx3030 metal detector.

As I parted the grass we both saw the ring immediately and soon it was back into the hands of a very happy owner.

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