Auckland New Zealand $250,000 lost ring found in garden

  • from Auckland (New Zealand)

Wednesday afternoon I was contacted by a lady who had been pruning her hedge when she felt her ring slip off her finger. She spent some time shaking the bushes and reaching around the roots. After realizing that she probably needed a metal detector, she decided to call me. This morning I went to an address in Auckland New Zealand where I met the lady, she showed me the area in which she had been working to get me started. I started by edging along the footpath because the garden was behind a boundary metre high wall, after making my way to a point in the garden where my detector was humming a gold signal. I got into the foliage with my pinpointer metal detector, soon I heard it sing and then I saw a row of diamonds.

She was so relieved to get her ring back on her finger and I was even more relieved to find it after she told me how much it cost!

2 Replies to “Auckland New Zealand $250,000 lost ring found in garden”

  1. Sean Boddie says:

    Wow Scott!! What a rippa.. hope the old ticker’s beating evenly again, I’d have needed a defibrilator and oxygen after finding that!

    1. Ian Scott says:

      To be honest I looked at it and thought this is junk, I’ll give it to the lady to look at while I go back and look for the real one.

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