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Lost Wedding ring Found Auckland NZ

from Auckland (New Zealand)
Contact: 0275812660

This afternoon I went to Okahu bay Auckland to meet Jules who had lost her platinum wedding band on the beach. I met her at the search area and asked her to bring her engagement ring so I could check the target ID and hear its tone.
The grass was loaded with trash targets so I started down on the wet sand and worked my way back up.
On the grass where the sand meets the grass I found 3 foil targets and then I found what I was looking for..I never get sick of seeing that warm shine of gold. I walked over after 20 minutes of searching and said okay I’m done here it is, the poor girl said ‘What are you sure?’ and then cried and gave me a hug..I don’t think she thought she would ever see it again.

Lost rings found Mangere, Auckland

from Auckland (New Zealand)
Contact: 0275812660
  • Today I met a young lady who had lost two rings in an industrial park in the grass, When I arrived she explained that she had gone back to find one ring with a friend and a hired metal detector, but had trouble trying to use it. They had also tried to throw things to see if they could see where they landed, one of these things being the second ring!
    One thing on our side was that it was a small area with grass about 10cm high, which was better than the surrounding section.
    I asked her to go and stand where she had thrown the ring and asked her to throw a 10cent to give me an idea of where I should start, this turned out to be a good decision, as the first ring turned up a foot away from the coin, the second ring was about 3 feet from the first one. When I pulled the rings from the grass she said ‘Thank you so much, I just can’t believe it, they have been there for 3 weeks…’
    Another successful recovery by Ian Scott in Auckland.

Lost bracelet found in Auckland New Zealand

from Auckland (New Zealand)
Contact: 0275812660

Recovery by Ian Scott.
I answered a desperate message on the local grapevine about a lost Pandora bracelet on Eastern beach Auckland NZ. The family were on an outing at the beach on Saturday when the young daughter’s bracelet fell into the sand.

When I arrived there had been a few attempts to retrieve it already, so I thought it may have already been found. The tide was out and it was a beautiful Sunday morning, so after a good chat I went about scanning the sand, the mudflats and the dry sand turned up nothing.

After spending about 5 minutes walking along the sand near the mudflats I got a signal, so bent down and scraped away the sand to reveal a ring of silver. My heart skipped a beat could this be it?

I waved at the owner to come over, as soon as she saw it her hands started shaking and there were tears. What a great outcome.

Auckland New Zealand Ring returned

from Auckland (New Zealand)
Contact: 0275812660

A work colleague contacted me to ask if I could help find her friends engagement ring that had been lost in her garden a few days before.

The property was in south Auckland New Zealand and the ring was somewhere on the front lawn.

I was met by the owner who had spent hours searching. After a brief description about what she had been doing and what it looked like I started working along the flowerbed and then over the grass.

The house was brand new and there was alot of trash just under the surface of the ground, so after 20 minutes of digging just junk, I swapped metal detectors, this machine had a small coil which is very good for trashy area and soon enough I picked up a solid tone on my ctx3030 metal detector.

As I parted the grass we both saw the ring immediately and soon it was back into the hands of a very happy owner.

Auckland New Zealand $250,000 lost ring found in garden

from Auckland (New Zealand)
Contact: 0275812660

Wednesday afternoon I was contacted by a lady who had been pruning her hedge when she felt her ring slip off her finger. She spent some time shaking the bushes and reaching around the roots. After realizing that she probably needed a metal detector, she decided to call me. This morning I went to an address in Auckland New Zealand where I met the lady, she showed me the area in which she had been working to get me started. I started by edging along the footpath because the garden was behind a boundary metre high wall, after making my way to a point in the garden where my detector was humming a gold signal. I got into the foliage with my pinpointer metal detector, soon I heard it sing and then I saw a row of diamonds.

She was so relieved to get her ring back on her finger and I was even more relieved to find it after she told me how much it cost!