Lost Ring Birmingham, Alabama ... Found!

from Heflin (Alabama, United States)
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Lost Ring Birmingham, Alabama …Found… Road Side Recovery

On January 4, 2015, I responded to a call for help in finding a lost engagement ring. This call took me across the state near Walker County Alabama; where I searched one of the most formidable areas to recover a ring, a long stretch of road side with an abundance of trash and fast moving cars. Upon my arrival I spoke to the couple and determined a rough search area that extended approximately 250 yards alongside the busy highway.  The couple advised that they had had been attempting to render aid to a family pet that had been struck by a vehicle two days prior when the ring was lost.  Jill stated that she did not realize it until she had returned home upset.  Not only were they heart broke about the loss of a family pet, but now this very special ring was also gone.  Ernest and Jill described the lost ring to me as being approximately a 3.25 karat diamond ring set in white gold.  They produced a very similar ring that I was able to scan with my XP Deus metal detector. Realizing that the ring was likely lost among an extreme amount of trash this detector offered the advantage that I needed to find it.  As I started to work my way through the still water filled ditch from heavy rains, I slowly and methodically processed each signal. After starting the search at 9:30am, we had all but given up by 3:30pm. The couple was heartbroken, but had resigned themselves to the idea that finding the ring may be near impossible.  I told the couple that I would like to check one last area before I left; within two minutes of walking that area I had my fist good target. I looked just under the grass and out came this beautiful white gold ring! I scooped it up and smiled as I walked over to Jill. She was using a personal metal detector that she owned trying to find her ring also. We had been talking about finding relics earlier so I told her that I had found a really cool button that she should see. When she opened her hand I dropped the engagement ring into her opened palm and she just was stunned in amazement.  The look on her face was absolutely priceless!


I can’t begin to describe the feeling of helping such a nice couple. Not to mention new detectorist….We may be taking them hunting for civil war relics in the near future and I gave them tips about their metal detectors.  I cannot think of a better way to spend a day!


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5 Replies to “Lost Ring Birmingham, Alabama … Found!”

  1. Chris Turner says:

    Way to stick with it Heath! Tough search but not all are that hard! Great recovery!!!

  2. What a wonderful piece of vintage collection. I am very impressed to see this awesome rings collection. Thanks to share this great collection with us.

  3. Jeff Lubbert says:

    Way to go Heath, those roadside searches are tough. But your persistence did pay off!

  4. john@volek says:

    nice work, roadside jobs are the toughest.


  5. Ed Huffman says:

    Awesome Job Heath! It takes an experienced Detectorist with a top of the line Metal Detector to make a recovery like that!

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