Rings lost in water near Syracuse NY, FOUND

  • from Syracuse (New York, United States)

A young lady, Nikki, called me all excited because she had lost both her engagement and wedding rings while swimming at a local reservoir.  This was a couple of week earlier, but she had purchased a metal detector and both her and her husband had been hunting for the rings now for two weeks, but with no luck so far.  She had seen on  my facebook page that I would give her some advice on searching for rings etc., so that is why see called me.  In talking to her I quickly realized that she needed some help so we make arrangements to meet.   Well we did meet, she was very happy for the information and using her detector and she and her husband headed for the reservoir  that evening. Later the night she called me and THEY HAD FOUND THE RINGS.

In this video she describes her journey while searching for her rings.



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