Wedding set (engagement & wedding ring) lost in Fair Haven NY. FOUND

  • from Syracuse (New York, United States)

Tuesday evening, 5:00 p.m. and my phone rings.  It’s a young man name Dylan who says that while he and his family were swimming etc. at Fair Haven Beach and park on Lake Ontario, his Aunt lost her wedding band and engagement rings while sitting on the lake shore very close to the water.  They had been hunting for the rings for 1 hour and was about to give up when they contacted the life guard.  She (the life guard) suggested that they call me and that I would most likely be able to find the lost rings. I told Dylan that I would pack up my equipment and be there at the beach in about 1 hour.  Dylan and his family were about to leave, so I told him to do so and I would get to the beach, do my search and call them when I found his Aunt’s ring.

When I arrived the life guards had marked off the area, so I search the dry sand, but the Aunt’s rings were not there.  I then stepped into the water thinking that most likely a wave had come ashore, caught the rings and washed them out to the first wave break.  I walked about 4 feet when my detector sounded out with that low, deep sound that told me that there was a gold ring under the coil.  I had too take two scoops but up came the wedding band.  GREAT, but where was the engagement ring.  I swung the coil again and move forward about 18 inches and there was another low, deep sound.  This time the ring was down about 8 inches so it took me 4 scoops but up came the engagement ring.   BINGO I had both rings.

I called Dylan on his cell phone and told him that I had both rings, and he said that they were in downtown Fair Haven and going to a diner to eat supper.  I told them that I would meet them there.

Dylan’s Aunt was very happy to get her rings back, and now she can tell the story of how her rings decided to spend some extra time soaking up the sun and sand on Fair Haven beach in 2020.  LOL

Thank you Dylan, your Aunt and the whole family for the very generous finders reward.


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  1. Renee Milliken says:

    MY ANGEL!!!!
    What was a beautiful day at Fairhaven beach turned into a stressful, sad couple hours for me. We left the beach and came to Pleasant Beach to stay the night and that was when I realized I didn’t have my reed song and engagement ring on my finger. I started to think about where I put them and that’s when I sunk back in the chair I was sitting on and realized that during the last hour we were at the beach I was sitting in my chair right where the water started and took them off to put sunscreen on. I set them on my lap and just got up to put the sunscreen back without putting them back on first.
    The feelings of sadness and guilt set in. I then told everyone I was with what I had just realized. We all got on the boat and rushed back to the beach with our beach toys to dig and dig and dig. We spent a good hour searching. My husband went and talked to the lifeguard and that is when we were given H Connell’s information. We called him right away and he said he would come to the beach within an hour and let us know if he finds anything.
    I was not optimistic at all and by this time I had broken down in tears a few times. I just kept telling myself that maybe there is a chance. Well…..the phone rang an hour later and the news I was hoping for was real! H Connell was my hero!!! Meeting him and him handing me my rings was the most exciting experience. Thank you, my angel. I will always remember you!

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