"The Interview"

Video of a interview of me by a student at Syracuse University


3 Replies to ““The Interview””

  1. Jim Wren says:

    Excellent!! Bria, you did a great job! Hope you got an A+ on it!

    Jim – TRF North Myrtle Beach SC

  2. Griff (member in France) says:

    Very well done!! I find it reveals the ‘human emotion’ side of finding both joy and the disappointment of finding/or not finding the ring/object.

  3. Thanks Griff for the nice words. I see you are a member there in France, so I’m sure you have experienced the same emotions. I get so upset when I don’t find the object, so I have to keep reminding myself; “I can’t find it if it’s not there”.

    And along those lines, many times I get a call from the client some time after the search where I was not successful and the client discloses that he (or she) found the ring after I left. “I never put it on it the morning”, or “I found it in the car”. And the best of all times’ “My husband had taken the ring to our jeweler to get the right size. He was going to surprise me with a birth stone ring this year” And she was worried that he was going to be mad because she had lost her engagement ring.

    Oh well, It works out in the long run.

    Cheers; Connell

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