Canandaigua NY, Wedding band lost in yard, FOUND

  • from Syracuse (New York, United States)

Wednesday June 12th.  I received a call from a James (last name withheld) who lives in Canandaigua NY.  Yesterday James was doing some yard work and he walked over the edge of his grass to throw some twigs etc. into the woods.  When he threw the twigs his wedding band of 55 years came flying off and into the high grass along the edge of his yard.  He actually saw the ring as it flew into the high grass.  James quickly realized that he had to cut down the high grass if he was to have a chance of finding his ring.  He went back to his garage and the only thing that he had to cut the grass was a small hand held grass sheers.  So he went back with those small grass sheers and started cutting grass and looking for his wedding band.


James worked somewhere around 2 hours cutting, clearing and searching an area that was about 10 x 10 that he was sure his ring was because he had watched the ring fly off his hand and land in this general area.  It was getting dark so he called it a day and went into the house to tell his wife the bad news.  At this time both James and his wife was counting the ring as being lost and they would have to bear the expense of purchasing a replacement ring.


All night long James was thinking about his lost ring so in the morning before his wife arose, James searched his phone using the following phrase. “ How do I find someone who would search for my LOST RING”.  Now Goggle uses logarithms in their searching and those two works are the key.  James was pleasantly surprised when my name popped up along with my phone number.  He called me and we set up a time for me to search for his lost ring.


I arrived and I started asking all the questions that I need to better locate his ring.  I also asked permission to film him and the search, but James was not happy about that, so I was not able to get any video of the search.  I think James was just a little embarrassed that he had lost his ring.


James showed me that area and the place where he had hand cut the tall grass.  It was down a slope, into the woods.  There was tall grass between the edge of his lawn and the area that he had cut then the “cleared area” and then into the woods. From where he had cleared the grass and also into the woods the forest floor was a tangle of sticks, grass clumps etc.  A perfect place for the ring to hide.


I fired up my detector and started working the tall grass on the side hill that he had not searched between the edge of the lawn and the cleared area.  Although I did get two “hits” in this area, the tones on my machine told me that these were most likely not his ring.  Now I searched his cleared out area but did not get a hit, so I stated working deeper into the woods on a straight line that he had saw his ring flying when it came off.  Just off his cleared area but into the woods deeper, I got a nice solid low tone that most times are gold rings.  I used my pin pointer and moved it around and down into the sticks etc. that are on most forest floors.  Yes it was his ring, but his ring was down into all those sticks and leaves 3 to 4 inches.  I doubt that if James had worked this area he would have found his ring as it had already worked it’s way though all the “flotsam” on the ground right down to the soil.  Total search time – less them 10 minutes.


James was happy, his wife was happy, and yes I was happy.


I wish all searches were this easy