Wedding ring lost in the snow, Oswego County, FOUND

  • from Syracuse (New York, United States)

Friday, November 30, and my phone rings and on the other end is Rick.  It seem as Rick was shoveling snow off his back deck and while going down the steps he slips. While he is trying to keep his balance his wedding band flies off his finger.  Rick spent 2 days trying to find his ring.  He borrows a neighbor’s metal detector, but could not find the ring.  He fires up a large blow touch hooked up to a 20# propane tank and melts the snow, and still no ring.  Out of options “who you going to call, the RingFinders”


I arrive and interview Rick.  I have a test ring that has a long piece of red yarn on it and I have him simulate losing the ring and the test ring ends up right where he has been searching.   The ring being on his left hand should be on his left, the place where he has been searching is on his left, this should be a very short search.  Nope.


I the direct path that the test ring traveled in but about 15 feet farther is a flower container that is all metal.  After some 30 minutes of searching I’m beginning to think that the ring is very possible in, under, or around this BIG, ALL METAL container, and my detector is not able to decimate out all that metal.  I’m beginning to think that I will have to return in the early spring after the snow melts and look in, under, and around that flower container.


I know that sometimes rings can take a very unusual path so I spend some time working in and around the outdoor grill, air conditioner, shovels etc that were on Ricks right side but FORWARD of the stairs and still no ring.


Meanwhile Rick’s wife returns home from work about the time that I decide to have Rick throw the test ring again.  Rick simulates slipping on the 2nd step from the top and the ring goes forward and the the left.  Ricks wife then says that he was not on the 2nd steps down the stairs but on the next to last step.  We try the ring toss 2 more times from the bottom steps and on the second try the ring flies up, over, BEHIND, and the to RIGHT of Rick.


I fire up my detector again as Rick moves the outdoor grill and shovels.  I start searching that area and in the snow pile about 3 foot high that has been built up where they shovel the snow off the deck from in front of the door I get the sound of a gold ring.  Rick Is standing right next to me holding a shovel so I have him take a shovel full of snow out of the pile.  I retest the hole and no gold sound so I tell Rick to dump the shovel full of snow on the deck.  He does, spreads out the snow and THERE IT IS.


It was a long search, but I was able to find the lost ring and reunite it to Ricks finger.

Ricks ring now has some more history, and thank you Rick for the nice finders fee, DCIM100GOPROGOPR0697.