Ring lost on Grand Cayman, FOUND

  • from Syracuse (New York, United States)

I was on vacation on Grand Cayman, and while enjoying myself metal detecting, I was flagged down by the beach attendant.  She said that a lady just up the beach had just lost a ring and would I help her find her ring. YES, as I’m a member of “The Ring Finders” that is what we do.

Anyway the attendant pointed out the young lady on the beach, I introduced myself and found the ring on the first scoop.  Because I did not have my Go Pro on my person, the “find” was not video taped, but I went back to my wife further down the beach, got my  Go Pro and returned to interview the young lady.

This video shows my interview of her, on the beach.

Great find, please enjoy.


2 Replies to “Ring lost on Grand Cayman, FOUND”

  1. Larry says:

    Nice story of a very short hunt. Pretty young lady now takes off her rings…good for her.

  2. Connell says:

    Thanks for the good comment Larry. Sometimes we are in the right place at the right time. See got her ring back and has learned a lesson.

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