We don't win everytime

  • from Syracuse (New York, United States)

I’m not proud of what I have to say here, but I must.  I was unsuccessful in a search for a lost men’s wedding band today.  Yes, we all brag when we are successful, but some times it’s just not in the cards.


I received a call from a Shawn Beasley last Friday to ask me to look for his lost wedding band.  He works for a landscaping business, and this last Wednesday while fertilizing the lawns in a housing track he lost his ring.  He was quite sure that he had it at lunch time, but it was missing a 5p.m.  After notifying the local police department that we would be looking for his ring today, we arrived where he started after lunch and worked for 4 hours in, around, and behind about a dozen homes. I also had Shawn ring the doorbells of the home owners to notify them what we were doing today in their yards.  BTW, we had no problems with the police or homeowners, so being up front right away solves lots of problems.


Now as most people who run metal detectors will tell you, searching around homes is, at least in my mind, the hardest.  There is LOTS of buried wires, pipes, cables etc. going into these homes.  Also there is TONS of scrap aluminum clipping from the siding, roofing nails, tin foil, etc, all non-furious metals that just light up these detectors. Needless to say, lots of false targets.


Anyway, we came, we looked, but we did not succeed TODAY. He says we searched about 1/3 if the homes that he did last Wednesday. We have made plans to search again later this week.  We still have 2/3 of the area left to search.


I place this post only to let people know that this is NOT an exacting science. We all work hard to locate your lost items, but sometimes we are not successful. But then again, hope springs eternal.  If I’m successful next time, I WILL do my BRAGGING.