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Ring lost in snow, Onondaga Hill, Syracuse New York – FOUND

from Syracuse (New York, United States)
Contact: 1-315-652-6996

Sunday March 3, 2019 while my wife and myself are enjoying an afternoon with friends playing cards and a late lunch, my phone “dings”.  Upon checking my phone I see that I have gotten an e-mail that there is a ring lost in the snow up on Onondaga Hill, just southwest of Syracuse.  I make the return phone call to get the information, then excuse ourselves from the party and depart for home to collect my equipment.


Upon arriving at the client’s home I ask him if it’s OK to film the recovery and find out that because on the nature of his job he prefers that he is not filmed or identified. Therefore I will call him “Sam” and his wife “Sally”


It seems that two days earlier Sam and Sally had a little dispute and in the heat of the moment Sam took Sally’s wedding band, walked out in front of the garage and throws the wedding band over a 15’ tree in their front yard, across the road, and into his neighbor’s front yard. Now this is not the first time that a couple has had a dispute. Heck, my wife and I have had many disputes over our 57 years of marriage. But just as Sam let go of the ring all of his frustrations left him, so he tries to follow the ring as it flew through the air to see where it landed.  Now realize that the tree, although there are no leaves on it, is blocking his view and there is about 8 inches of snow on the ground up here on Onondaga Hill.


Sam, his frustrations now all gone, goes to a local sporting goods store, purchases a metal detector, and spent most of the next day, Saturday, looking for the ring in his neighbors yard with no luck.  So to paraphrase a movie saying, “Who you going to call”, The Ring Finders.


I arrive at Sam and Sally’s home and do the interview.  One of the first things that I do when I’m asked to find a ring is try to duplicate what happened, so I take out my test ring which has a long piece of red yarn on it, and have Sam duplicate the throw of his wife’s ring.  The test ring lands just across the road into the snow pile that the snowplows makes along the side of the road. Because the yarn on the test ring creates some drag, and the fact that Sam’s frustration cannot be duplicated, I know that Sally’s ring is located further, but most times in that direction. So I take out my metal detector, pin-pointer, grid marking cones, and start the search. I set up my grid starting where the test ring landed and expand the search as I work away from that spot.  About 1/2 hour later after getting “hits” that are just buried trash, aluminum foil etc., I’m well into the neighbor’s yard when I get that solid hit that sounds like it might be her ring.  I take out my pin-pointer, work it into the 8 inches of snow and there is her ring.  Success!, another ring is returned back to the finger where it belongs.  I looked from where the ring was found, back to where Sam was standing when he threw it, a 130’ throw. A very long throw with a very light, small ring.   Boy, Sam was really frustrated.


Sally’s ring now has some more history to it that she can tell her grandchildren.


Sam, box up that metal detector and return it to the store, then take your wife out to a very nice dinner and remember. A ring is a circle, there is no beginning, no ending, but when it is on a finger there is a high spot and a low spot.  All this happened at a low spot but things now are going to a higher spot in your marriage. And thank you again for the finders fee.

Wedding ring lost in the snow, Oswego County, FOUND

from Syracuse (New York, United States)
Contact: 1-315-652-6996

Friday, November 30, and my phone rings and on the other end is Rick.  It seem as Rick was shoveling snow off his back deck and while going down the steps he slips. While he is trying to keep his balance his wedding band flies off his finger.  Rick spent 2 days trying to find his ring.  He borrows a neighbor’s metal detector, but could not find the ring.  He fires up a large blow touch hooked up to a 20# propane tank and melts the snow, and still no ring.  Out of options “who you going to call, the RingFinders”


I arrive and interview Rick.  I have a test ring that has a long piece of red yarn on it and I have him simulate losing the ring and the test ring ends up right where he has been searching.   The ring being on his left hand should be on his left, the place where he has been searching is on his left, this should be a very short search.  Nope.


I the direct path that the test ring traveled in but about 15 feet farther is a flower container that is all metal.  After some 30 minutes of searching I’m beginning to think that the ring is very possible in, under, or around this BIG, ALL METAL container, and my detector is not able to decimate out all that metal.  I’m beginning to think that I will have to return in the early spring after the snow melts and look in, under, and around that flower container.


I know that sometimes rings can take a very unusual path so I spend some time working in and around the outdoor grill, air conditioner, shovels etc that were on Ricks right side but FORWARD of the stairs and still no ring.


Meanwhile Rick’s wife returns home from work about the time that I decide to have Rick throw the test ring again.  Rick simulates slipping on the 2nd step from the top and the ring goes forward and the the left.  Ricks wife then says that he was not on the 2nd steps down the stairs but on the next to last step.  We try the ring toss 2 more times from the bottom steps and on the second try the ring flies up, over, BEHIND, and the to RIGHT of Rick.


I fire up my detector again as Rick moves the outdoor grill and shovels.  I start searching that area and in the snow pile about 3 foot high that has been built up where they shovel the snow off the deck from in front of the door I get the sound of a gold ring.  Rick Is standing right next to me holding a shovel so I have him take a shovel full of snow out of the pile.  I retest the hole and no gold sound so I tell Rick to dump the shovel full of snow on the deck.  He does, spreads out the snow and THERE IT IS.


It was a long search, but I was able to find the lost ring and reunite it to Ricks finger.

Ricks ring now has some more history, and thank you Rick for the nice finders fee,

https://youtu.be/Rw94_vazEEk DCIM100GOPROGOPR0697.

Sapphire ring lost in a pond, Ithaca NY – FOUND

from Syracuse (New York, United States)
Contact: 1-315-652-6996

I received a call from a young couple. Seems like they were watching the sunrise and when she go up to go her hands being cold, the rings flew off her finger and landed in the pond.  This is a short video of my finding the ring.

Ring lost in yard while playing kick ball Skaneateles NY -FOUND

from Syracuse (New York, United States)
Contact: 1-315-652-6996

Kelly and her husband hosted a July 4 party at their house and while playing kick ball her husband lost his wedding band. Although all invited guest searched for the ring for some hours it was not found. On Thursday they call me and we set up a date to search the next morning. This is the story.

Ring lost on Oneida Lake — FOUND

from Syracuse (New York, United States)
Contact: 1-315-652-6996

I received a 911 from the head lifeguard at Oneida Shores Beach that a person had lost his ring while in the water.  He was still at the beach so I told the life guard that I would be there in 15 minutes so keep the person there so that I could interview him.   The search was short and this video is also short, but the smiles were big and long.  Another ring reunited with the rightful owner.  Enjoy.



1946 Class ring lost in Oneida Lake — FOUND

from Syracuse (New York, United States)
Contact: 1-315-652-6996

Most of us members of “The Ring Finders” hunt beaches, etc. on days when we don’t have a client for a ring search and this is a story about one of those days.

I went to one of my local beaches on Oneida Lake last week just for recreational purposes and I found a high school class ring in waist deep water deep in the sand.  Now it is quite easy to find the owner of class rings as most all of the rings have the year of graduation (1946), the school (Onondaga Valley High), and also most times the initials (BB) inside the ring. When I got home I started researching the school etc. and with the help of our local library we found the name of the owner (Barbara). Unfortunately the owner had passed away in 2005 but we found an obit of her and in that obit was listed the names of her two children.  Upon further investigation we found out the phone number of her son David who now lives in Colorado.  I called him and to make sure he was indeed the son of my ring owner I asked him some questions about his mother and his answers insured me that I had indeed found the right person.  That night I boxed up the ring and sent it out to him via USPS Priority Mail and the ring was delivered two days later, the Saturday before Memorial Day.

On Thursday May 30th, the real Memorial Day, I received a call from David and he was thrilled on receiving his mothers school class ring and he told me  that no one in his family knew that his mother even had a school ring. Because the ring was almost new, I told him that most likely Barbara lost the ring in 1946, so of course no one would have known about it. David then told me the following.

His (David’s) niece and his mother (Barbara) had a special connection before his mother passed away, and his niece took her grandmothers passing hard.  Recently his niece announced that she was getting married next January and was starting to plan her wedding.  Now most brides want to wear “something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue.” When David got the ring he had a light bulb moment. He called his niece and offered the ring to her and his niece was blown away.  YES”.  So next January a young beautiful bride is going to walk down the isle wearing “something old” during her wedding – her grandmothers school class ring.  All is well in the world today —-Memorial Day 2018.

As of this writing I’m hoping that soon I will receive a picture of Davids “smile” and his testimonial so that I can upload it to this site, and then hopefully I will receive a picture of his niece in her wedding gown next January with a even bigger smile on her face showing the ring.

See the video of finding the ring here – https://youtu.be/I0hQrh6GKP0

Diamond Ring lost in Syracuse NY. — FOUND

from Syracuse (New York, United States)
Contact: 1-315-652-6996

Friday, March 2nd, late afternoon. My wife and myself are getting ready to visit my sister to have supper and spend the evening with her. I had just stepped out of the shower when my wife hands me the phone and on the other end is a young lady named Aieisia. She has lost her ring while entering a local restaurant. She had looked for her ring but the snow had “ate” her ring. To paraphrase a movie saying, “Who do you call — “The Ring Finders”” I have to look for this ring NOW because if I don’t find it before the snow melts, someone else will find the ring and put it on their finger. I pack up my gear into my wife’s car and off we go. I did call my sister on the way to explain why we will be a little late. Here is the video of my successful hunt for Aieisia’s ring.

Ring lost in a snow bank, Syracuse, NY – FOUND

from Syracuse (New York, United States)
Contact: 1-315-652-6996

I received a call from Oliver who lives on the east side of Syracuse.  He stated that while shoveling snow off his driveway, he lost his gold signet ring.  He had the ring on when he went out to shovel the snow, he finished the driveway and then climbed into his car to move it and realized that his ring was gone.  He had searched, but with no luck.

I arrived and interviewed him and started the search.  The banks where he would have shoveled the snow were 4 foot high, and there was around 12 inches in the front yard.  I checked the driveway, side walks and the snow piles along side, but after 1 ½ hours was unable to find his ring. A signet ring is very small and the big snow banks, piled around 4 feet high, my detector could not penetrate all the way to to the bottom of them.

Now, I’m like a beagle dog chasing a rabbit.  I don’t give up until I catch the rabbit,(ring) or the rabbit goes down a hole.  We agreed that the banks were just too deep, and I would return again in the spring when the snow melts.  After all, the ring would not move and would be there when the snow melted. A thaw was arriving the next weekend, so Oliver was to keep checking along the sides of the snowbanks as they melted back, and if he did not find the ring during the thaw, I would return after the snow was gone.

One week later Oliver called, and he found the ring.  It was right where we figured it was, deep into the piled up snow.

When anyone loses a ring there are lots of emotion involved. They are mad at themselves, they feel the sense of loss, they second guess themselves as to what if anything they did wrong, and of course they feel the financial loss.  When you call anyone from “The Ring Finders” we arrive with thousands of dollars worth of equipment, but most important we arrive without emotion.  We interview you and with a clear head brake down what happened so that we have a picture where the ring should be. Most times we can find the ring right then and there, but sometimes we have to return because of environmental reasons.

This was one of those cases.  I was sure the ring was in the snow bank, but because the bank was big, my machine was unable to penetrate completely into the center of it. But I was worried that someone else would find the ring as the snow melted before I returned. So I asked Oliver to keep checking as the bank melted.  He did so, and he found the ring.  This is an example of “clear thinking”.

So I did not find the ring but we found the ring.

Another smile.

Ring lost on Grand Cayman, FOUND

from Syracuse (New York, United States)
Contact: 1-315-652-6996

I was on vacation on Grand Cayman, and while enjoying myself metal detecting, I was flagged down by the beach attendant.  She said that a lady just up the beach had just lost a ring and would I help her find her ring. YES, as I’m a member of “The Ring Finders” that is what we do.

Anyway the attendant pointed out the young lady on the beach, I introduced myself and found the ring on the first scoop.  Because I did not have my Go Pro on my person, the “find” was not video taped, but I went back to my wife further down the beach, got my  Go Pro and returned to interview the young lady.

This video shows my interview of her, on the beach.

Great find, please enjoy.


Loss pendant in yard Canandaigua New York – Found

from Syracuse (New York, United States)
Contact: 1-315-652-6996

I received a 911 call from wonderful lady, whose name is Jo Anna.  It seems like she was walking her dog in her back yard earlier this week and using a “chucker” to throw a ball for the dog to chase and return to her.  Jo Anna had on a chain with a sterling silver pendant that has a clip that allows for easy changing between different pendants and different chains.

Jo Anna and her dog were having a wonderful time, the dog chasing the ball and returning that ball to Jo Anna where she would bend over, pick up the ball and chuck it again.  Everything was fine until Jo Anna got back into the house and started to get ready for work, Then is when she discovered that the pendant was not on the chain anymore.  We all can imagine the panic that sets in at a time like this, as we all have ourselves experienced a similar experience.  Panic and sense of loss.

Jo Anna tried to recover the pendant herself as she rented a metal detector from a local dealer, read the booklet that comes with the machine and started searching her back yard.  Although a salesman for a detector would not tell you, it’s just not that easy.  The machine has to be set up right for the metal content that is present in all soil, and that content changes as you work any area which requires more adjustment. Also, metal detectors speak in sounds (tones) that are different for all the different metals.  I call these tones “metal detector speech”.  Now we speak English but the metal detector speaks in those tones.  We can’t teach the machine to speak English, so we must learn what the detector is saying.  In other words, we must learn metal detector speech. That takes years to refine.  Jo Anna worked her yard with her rental machine, became discouraged, returned the machine and looked up  www.theringfinders.com  and gave me a call.

When she called we set up a time to meet and search.  I arrived, questioned Jo Anna as to what she was doing, where she had walked that dog and where she believed the pendant would be.  I set up my grid and started searching.  As the pendent was lost only a few days ago, it would not be buried into the lawn, so I could ignore all the signals that were deep and not silver, and there were lots of those signals.  It did not take long and I got a nice “hit” close to the surface and silver.  Although I took out my pin-pointer to find it in the grass, I noticed the glint of the silver before I had to use the pin-pointer.   There It was !!!, now it’s time to give the pendant back to the lady that makes it look beautiful.

I filmed the search and the recovery.  It’s a short (5 minute) video, so if you are interested click on the like below and enjoy.

Thank you for watching, I enjoy my job.