Lost Platinum Wedding Band Found in Newton MA

  • from Boston (Massachusetts, United States)

Granted I was 48 miles from Derry NH, but you get the point. This kind of weather will make your fingers shrink and that’s just what happen to the owner of this ring. One minute knocking the snow off the windshield is all it takes. The other half of the equation is you can’t feel your fingers. The couple herd something go PING, but thought little of it until they got home. By the time they called MOM and POPS the driveway had been plowed and gloom had sat in. POPS used his trusty Bounty Hunter for a few hours to no avail, so that’s when I got the call and the very next morning I headed South to Newton. After 30 or 40 minutes with no luck I started back over where I had been with my Teknetics T2 and expanded my grid to include part of the street. I run my machine on all metal mode and pay strict attention to the numbers and the intensity of the BZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ when I hit a target. I got about 100 hits while looking for this ring, but when I got that zip zip sound and a constant 53 and 54 I just about grabbed my video camera, but to be honest my hands hurt so bad I just wanted to get out of the cold. So there it was in that place in most driveways where they meet the street, a rise in the drive about half a inch tall and nestled there was the ring. You could still see the plow marks, but the ring didn’t have a scratch on it.

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