Lost ring in Bedford New Hampshire

  • from Boston (Massachusetts, United States)

Hey Guys and Gals!

I got a phone call from a young man in Bedford New Hampshire who went on to tell me about how his wife who lost her platinum wedding ring while doing cartwheels in their yard. Of course I had to laugh a little and then I thought about this old man (myself) doing the same thing while hanging out with his daughter.

I arrived at their home about an hour after dark and began my search. After grid searching the area where all the fun had taken place I determined I was loosing my touch or the ring was somewhere else. A second round of questioning determined mom and son had played all over the yard.  Deciding to take a quick swing around the pool area I quickly tripped over something in the grass (LOL) Not really, but if I had stepped on this ring I would have felt it. The pictures of the ring suck and for future reference I am getting a better camera. I was waiting on new photo’s, but wanted to go ahead and get this posted. Very handsome couple and was glad to meet them. Also feel fortunate to be a member of the ring finders where you can bring a smile to a sad face.


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  1. Stan Ross says:

    I had a ring search where she lost it doing cartwheels with her niece. Doesn’t happen as often as applying sunscreen.

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